Are residents bored?

Hollie Newton
Jul 8, 2014


Are residents plain bored about the cut-and-dried city commission meetings?
I have a different opinion as to why the commission chamber is not full of people during the city commission meetings. It is hardly worth the effort to attend the meetings when there isn’t a whole lot being discussed. 
For the last couple of meetings, old and new business has been nonexistent. How can two weeks pass between meetings without any city business being discussed? More time is spent in executive session than discussing city business before the public. If it were not for the people at the podium, the commissioners could wrap up the meetings in less than 30 minutes. 
I was watching In-Between-the-Lines and an ex-commissioner was telling how back in his days, there weren’t any executive sessions. Next, he proceeded to tell us that the past commissioners would meet in the upstairs conference room before and after the commission meetings. I often wondered how city business was being discussed back then and now it has been revealed what was really taking place. When old and new business is not being discussed at the present meetings, I suspect that modern technology has taken the place of upstairs conference room sessions. How else would all the commissioners stay informed if they are not communicating at the commission table? 
We see articles in the paper about some information coming out of City Hall, so why is the reporter so privileged instead of releasing the same information at the city commission meetings? The difference is that the reporter has to dig for the information or the reporter is tipped off. Do the commissioners think that if they don’t mention anything that the impression will be projected that everything is running efficiently?
I will say that the city’s legislation and agendas are very transparent, but the city receives low marks for not fully deliberating and discussing other city business before the public. I hope the practice is not going to be a trend, because it will most certainly hinder the flow of information and transparency for everyone concerned.



Maybe no one goes to the meetings because their sick of hearing you whine and complain about ever little thing. Waaaaaa, that trash can didn't get moved this week.... Waaaaaa, it rained today..... Waaaaaa


I have never attended a meeting in person, but seldom miss watching the meetings on cable.

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To It's Me....are you on drugs or something? Have you ever got up and asked or talked about anything concerning Sandusky, what she is saying is a fact...dill rod.


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The Bizness

Once again, another useless post.


@The Biz.

Here's the definition of BLOG::::blog noun \ˈblȯg, ˈbläg\

: a Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences.

Now the suggestion is if ya don't like a blog or blogger, don't read it. Better yet, contact the Register and ask to be added as a guest blogger and write about the rose colored glasses you see through.

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I didn't read it, that's the funny part :)

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why? you can choose to read my comments or ignore them.

The Bizness

After going through and reading her post, I still am at my original statement.

It is a pointless post, and it seems to me the city commissioners just haven't had any new business to bring up, nor did they have any updates on old business. So currently, we are just in a holding pattern until our new city manager starts making moves.

T. A. Schwanger


@ The Bizness.

I believe it was you claiming Ms. Johnson and I are joined at the hip.

Well let me say I have a different opinion on her topic for the week.

It's called apathy. The ordinary Citizen doesn't believe their opinion or ideas for the City of Sandusky will be taken into consideration therefore why show up at a commission meeting unless it's a hot button issue such as closing a fire station or closing the greenhouse or closing/selling a City park.

Again, the problem we have here is not the number of commissioners sitting at the table. It's a lack of representation. Under the current system, all 7 commissioners could reside on Cedar Point Road or anywhere else for that matter.

The Bizness

Really? I think we have too many commissioners.


From the look of the post in the local paper blog i would place good money to say the residents are bored senseless. When people have more enthusiasm to argue about whether they have enthusiasm about going to a meeting rather than just going to the meeting and arguing there, I would say they are bored.


Great idea Sharon maybe the commission can get some clowns there to entertain everyone or how about a stand up comedian that'll sure spice things up. Once again you're a moron.

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The Hero Zone

As a normally-regular-attendee of the meetings I can say that it isn't apathy nor being bored with the topics. It is summer. My house and lawn need maintenance and improvements. This is also my busy season at the store. More broadly this is a time for people to relax, take vacations, DIY, or store up money/results of labor as "winter is coming".

Fortunately the meetings are broadcast and as well it seems that these forums host a great amount of discussion on their own. I'll always hope that every seat is filled with concerned citizens every week, but honestly government is supposed to be a rather boorish thing save for the occasional scandal or big decision. It would then seem to mean that the citizenry are taking care of themselves well and/or the policies in place are allowing people to lead comfortable, content lives.

I think we've just accepted the escalation of drama from entities like Congress for the past hundred years so that we seek the sensationalism and blame them for when things AREN'T on fire and collapsing around us. Heh, a bit ironic.

The Bizness

Agree with you on this one hero zone. It is our busy season, and other issues are not brought up now. More important business is at hand.

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The Hero Zone

I'll add that if you or anyone else out there is looking for a lawnmower, consider an electric one. I have a corded one that works well but there are battery ones too. A lot quieter and less upkeep expense. They are lightweight, almost feels like you are vacuuming your yard.

The Bizness

Thumbs up!

Truth or Dare

Bored? How about dis-trustful, therefore dis-heartened and disgusted w/the workings of city government, their mismanagement of tax $$$'s, their willingness to bankrupt this city through lawsuits, payoffs, forgiveness of tax debts, as we see w/the Hoppers and Yost situation, saw with the CHIP theft of $3 MILLION and no restitution of those tax $$'s, let alone charges, which might just have something to do w/the reduction of city staff over the last decade, easy. By the way, did the SR decide to pull the plug on the story that blipped on the screen for a short second? The one regarding the Hopper tenants and their outrage, demanding Yost be jailed? The same folks that it was stated right in this paper, that they signed off on such a hinky deal? You'll never convince me they did. That alone may better explain the WHY folks seem "bored"?


There is no oversight as to how the city's money is being monitored. Too many things are falling through the cracks and the city wants more money to mishandle. When there isn't proper oversight, the city comes up short and the rest of the city suffers because of it. Yost has cheated the city and its taxpayers out of an overdue water bill, back taxes, clean up costs to his property, and the list goes on. Having Yost get away with a slap on the hand is unjustified. The city signed off on the deal because only a minority of the tennants signed off. The city was too quick to sign off.


I'm just curious...when you say the "city" was too quick to sign off on the deal, who, representing the interests of the city, are you referring to?