Is Sandusky really "Sandusky Proud?"

Jul 1, 2014


At the last commission meeting the engineer stated that the city workers are responsible for mowing the city’s property and an outside agency is assigned to all other properties, but it seems everything is complaint driven before the city can take any action. The city is aware of the same noncompliant property owners who fail to comply year after year, so why don’t notices go out to the property owners before the grass gets to be four foot tall waiting for a complaint to be filed?
The city has landlords who will continue to get away with neglecting their property until code enforcement comes knocking at their door forcing them to clean up their property. Why should the  landlords spend any more money than they have to on their property? If the code enforcement is not strict enough, the landlords quickly catch on by continuing to set up shop in our city while the word quickly spreads that the city is soft on enforcement. 
It is the same thing with the trash cans sitting out in front of the properties. A rental can be easily recognized because most of the rentals have trash cans permanently positioned in front or at the side of the property. The initiative of walking the trash can to the back yard is lacking. Sometimes the trash can is not taken out to the curb for weeks causing the trash to mount up before taking it to the curb. 
How does the city break the chain of repeated offenders who are costing the city time and money trying to get property owners to correct the violations? I would like to see a surcharge implemented if more than two inspections are needed, or if repeated complaints are made on the same property within a year’s time. The surcharges would be over and above the fines that could be placed on the owner. The surcharge should be stiff enough to encourage the property owner to swiftly address the violations without the city having to repeatedly coax and plead with the property owner to correct the violation. When there are repeated calls to the same property, it takes time away from other properties that need attention and the backlog of inspections continues to grow out of control.
The code enforcement policies need to be revised and staff should be given the tools (software programs) it needs to expedite the case load to track the violations a lot better. Properties should be 
tracked by computer so anything about the property can be quickly accessed. Code enforcement is a good source of revenue but only if the city can properly organize and manage it well.
Something is very wrong when rentals in the city make up an overwhelming majority of housing. The high percentage of rentals is slowly driving out what is left of the extinct breed of home ownership in Sandusky. It is unacceptable to have to live next door to property that is not being maintained. The city needs to get its priorities straight and get aggressive in maintaining the town so it can rightfully take on the title of “Sandusky Proud”.



I don't think Sharon will ever be happy, I would hate to live her life. How can someone wake up every morning thinking of something to complain about?


Why does she single out rental properties when it comes to trash cans? Look around carefully Sharon there are many home owners that live in their homes that put the cans in front of their homes or on the side. And remember trash haulers will not go in the back yards to get trash anymore, it is not the 1970's.Everyone is at the mercy of when the trash hauler comes to collect the trash, and yes sometimes there are a lot of cans, hmm maybe people are cleaning up their property. I feel most times your posts are ridiculous, as is this one,. Can the register find someone more in touch with the community to do this column?



Can you remember when the City changed the law allowing curbside pickup? There were members on Commission opposed because of the unsightliness it would cause and they were right. The haulers prevailed by claiming "it would save consumers money". Well the savings didn't last long before the haulers started increasing rates and we have a city with unsightly trash in plain sight. Maybe it's time to go back to trash stored behind the house or business.

Oh and if you want to read Rose Colored Glass stories, try Dear Abby.


Hate to be the bearer of bad news Sharon, but the city of Sandusky will never be the same as it "used to be." The times are changing and the bottom line is that Sandusky is made up of a high percentage of rental units. There aren't any large industrial companies left to supply the average Sanduskian an income large enough to buy a home of their own; so, they rent. Simple supply and demand. If there are more people looking for rental units, landlords will supply more rentals. The cost and effort it would take to monitor every unit will never be worth the "revenue" from code enforcement.


Re: Sandusky will never be the same as it "used to be." The times are changing and the bottom line is that Sandusky is made up of a high percentage of rental units. There aren't any large industrial companies left to supply the average Sanduskian an income large enough to buy a home of their own; so, they rent. -- Public service announcement brought to you by your local Honda, Kia,Toyota dealers,

The Answer Person

All of which employ American workers.


Honda employs over 15,000 people here in Ohio and have moved their corp. headquarters here as well. The "foreign" automakers are investing more money into the US than the US automakers.

Licorice Schtick

The 2014 American-Made Index

What Are the Top American-Made Cars?'s American-Made Index rates vehicles built and bought in the U.S. Factors include the percentage of parts considered domestic under federal regulations, whether the car is assembled in the U.S. and U.S. sales...

1 Ford F-150
2 Toyota Camry
3 Honda Odyssey
4 Toyota Sienna
5 Toyota Tundra
6 Toyota Avalon
7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
8 Honda Ridgeline
9 Honda Crosstour
10 Dodge SRT Viper


Wow, it's pretty amazing that of the 10 vehicles that qualify for this list, only 3 "American" made cars can make a list with 75% of the vehicle being made/assembled in the US.

As for GM and Chrysler, only their top highest end vehicles could make this list.


Not many


Honda of America (corporate, not dealer network) employees over 13,000 people in Ohio alone. Add in the dealers who sell and service and your adding them up quite quickly.

Honda actually employees over 146,000 Americans in all of their divisions across the US and contribute more than $2 billion to payroll.

* I am not a Honda employee, in fact i have never even driven or owned a Honda vehicle.

Edit: GM employs roughly 77,000 Americans directly.

The Answer Person

Sharon, it will never end. Your whining. It all goes back to your usual "SOMEONE needs to do SOMETHING!" agenda.
Why don't you work towards bringing that "pride" back to Sandusky?
Who wants to live in a town that has no income revenue but has great free "sightlines"?
Who needs a great Jackson Street pier used as a free parking lot?
How about a free parking lot structure built on the main shopping corners of the downtown?
Give it hopeless. You have had misdirected enthusiasm way too long.


Did you read the Norwalk article????
""""German company bringing 230 jobs to Norwalk"""". Use some of that hot air for good use and ask your local politicians and economic experts why Sandusky isn't beating the bushes for these type jobs. It's not like we don't have land available.

You said, "How about a free parking lot structure built on the main shopping corners of the downtown"? You need to get out of the house more. There's a free million dollar parking garage and a huge free parking lot at the corner of Jackson and Market/Water Streets. Hop on the STS and check it out.


Sandusky should be renamed Sandumpy. I see Norwalk can attract new jobs, why not Sandusky and Erie County. Lord knows there is enough vacant manufacturing facilities or space for them, if they can get them back from Hoty. Until Sandusky re-establishs it's manufacturing base, it will continue in a state of decline. Just think of the factories we used to have as compared to today. It is a shame.

Julie R.

Sandusky and Erie County don't want any manufacturing facilities. Why do you think they never made any effort to keep the good paying factory jobs from leaving Sandusky? They want people instead to work at low-paying jobs like the water parks and Cedar Point. It's the same with all the rental properties. They love those because they know renters will vote for their school levies.

Licorice Schtick

Some Sandusky manufacturers have added a LOT of jobs. Don't know why people think things are so bleak. Is the Register not reporting this? Maybe they aren't responding to public information requests.


The city has long avoided an assertive economic development policy to the detriment of all. Not long after I left Sandusky and moved to west central Ohio the city of Lima hired a former director of the Ohio department of economic development whose name is escaping me. Lima has no natural advantage over Sandusky aside from I-75 running through its east side. Yet, a slag pit like Lima holds it's own economically. Why Sandusky has a largely undeveloped water front area puzzles me. Yes, when things were humming along with the automotive industry the town thrived, but, there were clear indicators in the 70's that things were about to change.



Actually it is largely developed waterfront. However.

Why do we have law offices on the waterfront--great place a hotel.

Why do we have state offices on the waterfront? Great place for another restaurant or waterfront living.

T. A. Schwanger



As you point out, there remains several waterfront or close to the waterfront properties available for the same private development developers and politicians are suggesting for public areas. As I've commented before and is the belief of Save Our Shoreline Parks, let's market the Keller, APEX and Sandusky Cabinets areas for private, economic development and improve the public areas.

I do not have exact figures on how much money is returned back to the City by the Ohio DNR from marina and commercial submerged lands lease development along the waterfront, but I know it is significant. Rather than placing these dollars into the general fund, the City should spend the money on improvements, upgrades and expansion of public areas along the waterfront.

Forward Looking

Though I often disagree with Sharon's blogs, I think that there are some valid points. The group Sandusky Proud tries to promote the positives, but we are all responsible for making positive things happen. We all want our neighborhoods to look better and she touched on a no cost solution--cleaning up your property. Whether you rent or own, you have a responsibility to take care of your property. You may not mow the grass, but you can at least walk the trash cans back to the house. I think we need to allow groups to adopt parks or areas that are neglected and not arrest them for trying to clean up their neighborhoods. Let them sign a waiver and let them do the work safely. We all need to make an effort allow us all to claim the title of "Sandusky Proud".


I'm no fan of Sharon, but she actually has a valid point this time. I happen to live next to a poorly maintained rental, and it's awful. Right now, the weeds on the side and in the back are chest height (I admit I'm not especially tall, but that's still significant). The landlord doesn't keep tenants long -- even the Metro ones -- because the house is as poorly maintained as the yard.

Forget what the tourists might see or what that eyesore might do to my property values, and consider the hazards represented! Who knows WHAT'S living in the backyard? Who knows how much worse the house will get as broken windows remain unrepaired (they aren't even boarded up!) and gutters fall down? Does there have to be a fatal fire, a nasty disease, or an infestation of bugs or rodents before anyone does anything? (And yes, I've complained, but NOTHING HAPPENS.)

Licorice Schtick

She often has a good point, framed in the most negative, unfair, and counterproductive way possible.

But am I reading this right? Uber-conservative, laissez-faire, anti-regulation, smaller-government Sam wants the GOVERNMENT to solve HER problem of someone else exercising their private property rights in a way she doesn't like?


I'm not uber conservative, but the rest of the description comes close enough to the truth...and I haven't changed. What you're missing here is that one of the very few things government is SUPPOSED to do is ensure that rights aren't infringed by it OR by anybody else.

It's not a question of whether or not I like how this landlord exercises her private property rights. It's whether or not the manner in which she exercises them represents a threat which crosses over the borders of her property and onto the property of others.


The issue is not rental vs owner occupied. As someone else stated here, there are owner occupied units on trash day loading the curb with un-canned garbage. I do believe the law states--'trash in cans no sooner than the day before pick-up'. On West Washington Street, almost directly across from Sandusky Hardware, the past two weeks the occupants have placed enough loose garbage in the boulevard to almost fill the boulevard. The police, or any City employee for that matter, need to take note and hand out warning first the citations--it's called "enforcing the law".

Also, how can the City tell residents to get their houses in order, when many of the City owned properties are filled with weeds, etc?

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” Sometimes the trash can is not taken out to the curb for weeks causing the trash to mount up before taking it to the curb. ”

What a coincidence! I just finished speaking to a tenant on this very subject. I have a clause in my leases that states; “3. Outside garbage is to be placed in a proper receptacle(s), with lid(s) and not be allowed to overflow said receptacle(s). Receptacle(s) shall be placed curbside on each regular trash pickup days to prevent accumulation…”.

It is important to me that my properties not be a detriment to the neighborhood. But to some renters, pride of ownership (rentalship?) just ain’t there.

Whiskey in a Teacup

...wondering how many of you proud folks even know your neighbors names


There is nothing to be proud of in Sandusky


Sam Adams: The city needs a the new city manager on board sooner rather than later. At least if staff doesn't pay any attention to your plea to get something done with the house next door,you could go to the city manager to resolve things. Someone is definitely not doing their job at city hall when your plea falls on deaf years.


Don't just pick what numbers you want, same site. am. Made index.
Gm 77,000
Ford 65,000
Chrysler US 39,200
Toyota 30,00
Honda 26,000
Nissan 10,300
Hyundai-Kia 7,800
Now if you count peeps cleaning johns at dealer as Honda and toy like to do the big three including retiree's are in the millions