Recyclable bins

May 6, 2014


Sandusky has dropped the ball on the enforcement of the recyclable bins.
I am not in favor of mandated curbside recycling, so I was happy to hear that the city had partnered with a private company to provide the recyclable bins. Unfortunately, the city did not plan very well for the 
anticipation of abuse to the bins by a few people. 
I made a visit to the recycling bins on the east side of town. I found a disgusting site with trash scattered outside of the bins. Some of the bins were not even full, so why would trash be setting outside of the 
bins? Maybe, when people observed the debris setting outside of the bins, they thought the bins were full prompting even more dumping on the ground, which created a chain reaction for others to follow. 
The following solutions could help keep the area around the bins clean: 
• Proper signage stating what can and cannot be dumped in the bins, specifically, no garbage dumping.
• Signage should strictly state that nothing should be dumped outside of the bins. If the bins are full to capacity, citizens should be instructed to try the other bins on the other side of town. 
• More pickups should be scheduled to control the environment or have the bins monitored for additional pickups when needed. The city facilities nearby can assign an employee to check on the bins             periodically and report any accumulation on the ground before the situation becomes a big cleanup project. The weekends are the worst for the recyclable bins. Pickups should be on Monday and Fridays, just before and after the weekend, to keep things more manageable.
• A provision should be made to accommodate larger cardboard boxes. Larger boxes cannot fit into a smaller opening so the boxes are left outside of the bins. 
• The gate into the bin area should be locked from dusk to dawn by employees from the nearby city facilities to prevent illegal or commercial dumping at night. 
• Instead of posting a surveillance sign, buy a camera to catch whoever is illegally dumping. It is obvious that monitoring and enforcement is not taking place. If the city doesn’t regularly monitor and use enforcement, the bins are doomed. 
I wonder if the mandated curbside collection is really a law. I asked the county to reference the law to me and the county couldn’t produce the law, so the county referred me to the EPA. The EPA gave me 
nothing but gibberish instead of referencing the law. The government entities owe it to the citizens to verify the law actually exists. The haulers should demand the law be produced before bidding on any 
contract that will alter their livelihood and the way they do business.



This is funnier than Wizard of Id and Hagar the Horrible every week! Who needs Sunday Comics when you have blogs!

The Bizness

Agree, wonder if Sharon would be happy if the city offered zero recycling.

The Bizness

Heres the rules Sharon.

T. A. Schwanger


Hats off to you biz for doing some research. I see my suggestion to you long ago is working.

As an added suggestion to Ms. Johnson's blog, perhaps a schedule of being open the day before the bi-weekly pickup should be considered. A 7 day a week open operation is too tempting for abuse.

The Bizness

Nope, I simply did something sharon was too lazy to do and googled it. Id love to see the EPA's response, as it was probably just a reference to the ORC.


The recycling stations that used to be near the Erie County Fairgrounds and at Osborn Park were also ridiculously abused by some people. I think her best suggestion is that the city place a camera on the site and prosecute for illegal dumping those who use the facility as their trash bin. Had the county done that, I think we'd still have those facilities.


The city is always looking at additional revenue. The fines will pay for a camera and a volunteer to enforce the area.


There's only two solutions for this recycling problem. The first solution requires people to use common sense when they go to recycle. The second solution, the discontinuance of the recycling stations, happens when the first solution fails. No amount of additional signage, strictly worded signage, locked gates or cameras galore will solve anything if the first solution is not closely followed by everyone who desires to recycle. It's just that simple.


Why don't the scumbags of this town follow the rules instead of taking the easy way out?

Dwight K.

A lot of people will still just dump stuff even with a million signs and if people actually broke down the boxes the bin wouldn't fill up so quick