Is Plan B the admissions tax?

Mar 25, 2014


The admission tax increase would be an easy tax to pass since the money would come from the tourist. The problem would be getting the admissions tax on the ballot and deciding how much of an increase would be purposed. There needs to be a certain amount of dedication and organization to collecting signatures on a petition as to whether or not the petition drive would be successful.
A small increase in the admission tax would stabilize the budget, but it would not provide for a generous increase in revenue that the city needs for aggressive development to take place. More than doubling the admissions tax to 8 percent would be enough to move City Hall and take the burden off the taxpayer, but how much would be left over for other projects that are needed in the city? 
One commissioner stated he didn’t care where City Hall would relocate. It seems that all the city is concerned with is getting the taxpayer off the valuable waterfront property no matter what it will cost the taxpayer. The talk about moving City Hall has gone on for years while repairs to the building are going unchecked because the city lacks the organization and funding for such a move to take place.
The city talks about a comprehensive plan for the whole city, which is nothing but a big stall until the city can convince the taxpayers it needs more money to move City Hall. Comprehensive plans and studies cost money. The plans are later found on a shelf somewhere gathering dust because it is too costly to implement the plans. 
Remember when the city was trying to get the Eymann development up and running? The city is still trying to recover from the attempted development while other things got neglected along the way trying to make it all happen. It is bad timing to move City Hall in a recession environment. The city is $67 million in debt and no one is addressing the debt issue, all the commissioners want to do is add on more debt. Trying to sell the City Hall move and a tax increase at the same time should warrant concern with the taxpayer. 
The city may have development plans on the table, but it needs more revenue to implement the ideas and the only thing holding the city back is the permission from the taxpayers to approve the funding.


AJ Oliver

Cedar Fair should not be penalized merely for being big, but neither should it receive special treatment because of that. If you look around the country you'll note that admissions taxes are generally 5% or higher (Seattle, South Carolina). I would ask Sharon and the Register to do more research on this important issue. For amusement parks around the country, what is the AVERAGE admission tax? That is the amount that CP should pay (actually, not CP, but their paying customers).


Mr. Smith's, Saturday, April 5, 11 am. We'll be meeting to organize an effort to gather signatures for a petition to place an increase in the admissions tax on the ballot. Anybody who supports that effort should come.

The Bizness

The city has attempted to make improvements to the Current City hall, but at some point you need to get out before its too costly. That time is now. Just build in the current parking lot, and them tear down the current building for another lot.

A 5% admissions tax would be ok, but I think going to the full 8% would be a bit too much.



The Bizness

Sure, 5% is a huge jump, and the city needs to fix its own spending issues at the same time.


4% is perfectly adequate to solve the city's current budget problem.
Any more than that and they'll just use it for mischief.

Truth or Dare

Now that's a tax increase I'll vote yea on, a raise in the Admission Tax. Bump it up to 5.5. Sounds fair to me, as I would have no problem paying the extra couple of bucks.


My vote is raise it and tie it to sales tax, but do it over say three years. Enough to stabilize the "so called budget"now. The rest for development.

" Save City Services Tax the Tourist"




Fine, tie it to the sales tax, but let's make it an apples to apples parity. COLUMBUS gets the first 5 percent and the county gets 2.5 percent. Doesn't sound so good suddenly, eh?

By the way, on the last thread it was disappointing to see you join ThinkAgain's idiot brigade by assigning motives without basis. I have absolutely no financial interest in Cedar Point. I really expected better of you.


I doubt anyone will show up at the Coffee House to do this. Everyone on here except AJ Oliver is a coward who doesn't use their real name and I ensure you the opponents will be out in force, all their goons writing down licence plate numbers and gawking at who is there. You mess with the City you can count on problems with zoning and I bet your property taxes will get jacked up next year.


I see that you, brave soul that you are, are using YOUR real name and are committing to being there on the fifth! It's people like you that force the rest of us to take the risk. Gosh, THANKS!

Meanwhile, the City continues to flush money, ideas, and the opinions of many residents down the toilet, and you're doing WHAT about it?

By the way, it's been said before, but apparently some people need to hear it again: Unless you show up on Saturday and say, "Hi! I'm FantasticFred!" how will anybody know you are who you are online, hmm? Nobody's giving up any anonymity here, and if you're worried about license plates, don't park in front of the coffee shop.

Oh, but wait: You're not coming. I guess you must think that giving up equates to success, and that anonymous complaints/accusations solve problems!




bogtrotter... you spend your days in bogs where such as cranberries grow...

Why not open a business in your bog... growing cranberries.. it's easy work.... When you become successful, a special tax will be levied upon your biz "just because".... over and above all the other taxes.

I dunno... 6 or 7 percent .. nothing too severe.... you'll be able to afford it.




He's no match for Das Kapital.


F Fred. Realize anyone's IP can be obtained for a nominal fee. Whether I agree or dis-agree, these blogs are about Free Speech, and many utilize them to try & better their area. Years ago I angered some in the corporate arena with facts...boy were they ticked!


There are ways around that if one wants to go to the trouble.


i also say let the transit be on ts own lets not subsidize it anymore 16.00 per passenger per ride sounds like a lot to me what do you think?


I have read this lady's column with great interest while I have been here and one thing is for certain...she is generally REALLY apposed to moving the city building at all costs. Why I don't know. I think it has to do with fear of what will happen to the land on which it sits being near the waterfront. I don't know anything about what she is referring to in some of this piece so I cannot say. But every time she talks about moving the town hall she is all in a flutter over it and Mr. Schwanger gets involved so the two must know each other.

The other thing is she wants everything pretty much to stay the same at someone else's the tourists who visit here. And she would very much like to control what the commission does without running herself.

I could care less as I purchased elsewhere mostly because of what gets said by people on these blogs. I feel sorry for this city. They have HUGE potential and they are wasting it. They have no industry here and they could be using it to feed their families and getting jobs. Your crime would drop dramatically if you had work for more of your people...not mcdonalds jobs either. REAL jobs. But no one seems to care about it. You worry far too much about public access to the water instead when you already have great public access to the water.

You should start worrying about your kids and where they can get jobs but you don't. You only worry about how you can get the tourists to pay for everything. How sad is that. Many of you are in retirement stage and you don't care about what happens to the grandkids. What are they going to do? You have the time to fight for it.

Lead them into the 22nd Century with something to be proud of instead of nice parks give them a business or two to work at and a future to have instead of just a place to fish and a park to visit. I am begging you before it is too late. Don't make it someone else's problem.

I wish you all well. I came here with great hopes. I do wish you all well.



The Bizness

out of town boaters have to pay to dock at the Paper District Marina???? I do agree that they need to rework the contract with Dockside Cafe however, but it is damn good food and a great atmosphere!



T. A. Schwanger


@ Slightthroat212.

Here's some information you can take to the bank.

Ms. Johnson's opinion regarding the need for increased revenue tied to relocating City Hall comes from known facts, not fear.

Throughout history, including the current day and age, a concerted effort by elected leaders to increase the income tax was tied directly to relocating City Hall. Go to the City's webpage and click on "Town Hall Meetings" and you'll quickly agree.

We can agree on one thing. This community need LIVING WAGE JOBS. The focus by elected officials is this----Move City Hall downtown, which is magically supposed to rejuvenate downtown, and sell the current City Hall site for condos, hotel, etc.

With all due respect, as a newcomer (you) to this area, I suggest you do some extensive research on past efforts to sell City Hall and most of adjacent Battery Park. Last time around, the Sandusky Sailing Club/Basin was part of the private development takeover. Instead of selling off public land, the City should be investing grant or donation funds for upgrades and improvements to those properties under quality of life for residents and visitors alike and focus on economic development by marketing properties such as APEX, Sandusky Cabinets, Keller, Wysteria Farms etc.

For 20 years, City officials have known energy efficiency upgrades were needed at 222 Meigs Street. Monies have been available for upgrades, but have been spent elsewhere. The parking lot alone has needed resealing and stripping for years with no action.


Slightthroat, you seem to know all about economics and poverty and crime and how they are all connected. So I am curious, if all we need is good jobs, what skill level should they require and how much do they need to pay so that the 100 crooks standing around an illegal problem bar at 4am shooting guns off each and every night, how much do these jobs need to pay per hour to make these into model citizens overnight? These Real jobs, they are going to reverse all the problems that we have in a town full of grandparents in their 30's and plenty of great grandparents in their 40's and 50's?


BINGO!!!!! We have a city government that caters to those with extremely short time preferences.


Mr. Schwanger that is the problem WE need jobs that pay living wages. imo. this is why communities are in dire straits.


Just unionize all the jobs.

Soon they will all pay like KBI...

Why are you struggling?

This is eeaasssyyy....


As Fred pointed out, How interested do you think those who turn DJ's into a re-enactment of the OK Corrall every weekend are in jobs, especially jobs that require one to know more than a fifth grader?