What is happening at the Keller Building?

Jan 28, 2014


Ever since a developer came forward to make the Keller Building presentation, I haven’t observed any contractors working at the site. I thought the weather might be a factor, but the contractors for Sandusky Cabinets are working in the bad weather, so why aren’t the Keller contractors working in the bad weather as well? 
Work started at the Keller Building in November with a contract deadline date of July 27, or face liquidation of $500 a day. Eight months seems a long time to bring down a building. Would the time frame allow a developer to obtain his historical credits? The developer did mention that he intended to apply for the tax credits by March 30 with the award being announced by June 30, 2014.
The Sandusky Cabinets demolition project started in December and the contractor has until March 2014 to complete the project. Why would the city give three months to the Sandusky Cabinets contractor while giving eight months to the Keller contractor? 
The city engineer said that the Keller contractor mobilized one and one half months ago and the asbestos has been remediated; they are in the process of doing PCB’s and scheduled to bring in demolition equipment on January 6. As of the end of the abatement portion, the contractor will be approximately $200,000 into the contract. One commissioner said he was not asking to delay the project only for the city to call and talk to the contractor. The city engineer stated he did call the contractor and the person who spoke to him indicated he would run it up the chain of command but at a minimum, the contractor would request $200,000 for the work that has already been done. If the project is delayed at all, the contractor would be entitled to down time which would be additional cost to the base contract of which he would be entitled to, referenced city commission meeting minutes of 12-23-13. 
The commissioners didn’t take a vote, but it was a consensus not to delay or stop the Keller work due to legal and financial ramifications. The developer wanted to come back in two weeks to talk about what options might be available, whether the developer did come back is not known. The commissioners took to executive session with no votes taken afterwards, so where does that leave the demolition project? Is it still a go for demolition and who is paying for the delays, as stated in the minutes, for every day the contractors are not on the job? 
At this point, a lot can happen between now and July 27. It is much easier for developers to come forward at the eleventh hour when all the prep work, asbestos and environmental cleanup, has been finished and paid for by the taxpayer.


Man of the Republic

They ought to give Coon a chance to work with that property. He's done some great work down in the Canton area. Really a quality business.

Man of the Republic

The city needs to call for an investigation.

The Bizness

Maybe the contractor is busy on another job at the moment, and the people doing Sandusky cabinets are not?

Maybe the type of work is different, and the type of work that needs to be done in the Keller Building is not performed well in cold weather?

Maybe this is just an article written for no other reason than someone being impatient?

Maybe Sharon is right and there is a big conspiracy and The Keller will rise again with the help of some private interest groups!

The Bizness

Judging by the more recent article, I was wrong! Thank goodness that thing is coming down. Now once it comes down, why doesn't Coon, buy the property and build a brand new condo complex? I do hope that the property is made available rather quickly for redevelopment.


and the answer is MetalTech Industry across the street. The business does not want residential that close to their operation.

Stop It

If I read both articles right, Mr. Coon wanted $400,000 in city funds plus ownership of the building, plus historic tax credits from the state. Too late and a money sucking scheme.

God Of Thunder

Really??? People complain because this is a blighted property, and now it's not coming down fast enough??? There are hazardous materials and contaminants to remove. It's coming down. For god's sake.

From the Grave

This is like arguing with your son or daughter to get started on cleaning their room...
48 apartments means at LEAST 48 cars. Where were they planning on parking them?

From the Grave

Though it also might mean 40 empty apartments.