Sandusky's port authority

Dec 10, 2013


What is the purpose for a port authority agreement? 
Erie County’s port authority would like to have the cities in Erie County sign a cooperative agreement with the port. Sandusky should hold the signature until the commissioners fully understand what kind of cooperation the city is required to hand over to the port. The agreement does not define how cooperative the city needs to be. Does the city understand how a financial port operates and what are the advantages and disadvantages for cities cooperating with such an agreement? 
The following are questions that should be asked before signing the agreement:
Why is it necessary for Sandusky to sign an agreement with the Port Authority? Sandusky should have the right to pick and choose what business it will direct to the port. 
What happens to tax abatements and TIF arrangements? Would those revenues go into the pockets of the port instead of to the city? 
How does the school system figure into the port agreement and the development contracts when doing TIF arrangements?
What is the incentive or benefit for the city to sign the agreement?
Will the city receive some kind of percentage for referrals to the port?
Would the port do the hiring for outside attorneys and consultants to take care of the bonding so the city wouldn’t have to expend the cost for those services?
Who guarantees the bonding if the developer should go into default?
How does the city’s Revolving Loan Fund figure into the port authority deals with developers?
Until next week, the port will always be at the disposal of the city whether the city signs or not. The city should stay flexible and responsible for revenues that belong to the city and not to the port.



Sandusky does not hold the only port in the county. Also take into consideration that other "Port Authorities" do not just cover the shipping ports, they also cover airports (look no further than Toledo).

Run for office, that way you can make sure these questions get asked.

Don Lee

While looking at Toledo, pay attention to the unfolding discussion about taking control of Toledo's two airports from the Port Authority and turning control over to a private concern. Argument for doing this is that the Toledo-Lucas County P.A. is emphasizing surface commerce (water, road, rail) over the airports, which are not exactly bustling, and that new operators would be free to develop airport business.

AJ Oliver

TIFS are welfare for the well off - nothing more.



The problem is, this statement on your part combined with your commenting history reveals that your position on welfare boils down to a question of whose ox is being gored, which sort of knocks the hooves right out from under your moral high horse.

Let's get rid of ALL welfare, for EVERYONE.


Oh yea, does the port have the authority to levy taxes?

T. A. Schwanger



Based on a quick Yahoo search, Port Authorities can levy taxes---but only with a vote of the local electorate.

Taking a look at the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority.

In the cases of the former APEX, Keller, Sandusky Cabinets and American Crayon properties, perhaps the City of Sandusky should contract with a port authority, not necessarily the local port authority, to market and fund commercial activity on these sites.

Mr. Sorry I'm N...

I may have missed this in a previous article, who are the individuals on the Erie County Port Authority?

I'm thinking about the port authority and a possible air strip and wind farm at NASA Plum Brook Station (PBS). And, am trying to believe in 'good', however, NASA Glenn in Cleveland had Science Applications International Corp (SAIC) do the environmental impact study (EIS) for the wind farm and air strip at Plum Brook. Then, on August 30th of this year, I read from Zack' (Zacks Equity Research) that SAIC received a 1.8 BILLION dollar contract from NASA for 'scientific, health, engineering, operational and technical support' services.
Odd? Huge conflict of interest or no? Think the title was written 'Plum NASA Contract for SAIC.'

The EIS decision for the probable bird-shredding wind farm at PBS is due very soon to NASA from SAIC. What might the answer be? What local properties might decrease in value due to a privately owned and operated industrial wind farm at PBS? What residential development could this harm in the future. What birds, bats or eagles? What ice throw to Rt. 250? What harm to cell phone reception to Erie County? What visual light flicker to millions of drivers on Rt. 250 that we invite to Erie County?

What likely eyesore and eagle killers might be around for 25 years(usual time of land lease for 500 foot turbines) because NASA Glenn in Cleveland (deciders for Erie PBS)does not choose to put the likely eyesore and eagle killers in their own territory? Too many things change in 25 years. Some children may be born here, finish college and leave, never knowing the beautiful sky line due to wind turbines. Solar panels would keep the beauty.

Why would NASA have SAIC do the wind EIS for them when so much is riding on the outcome of that EIS for them, and when SAIC and NASA are tied up in BILLIONS of dollars together? Why not another unconnected agency or corporation to do the EIS for NASA? There are others. It's hard to remain positive.

Has NASA paid SAIC to do a solar energy EIS for PBS? Don't know if payment would be in the form of a specific EIS payment or in the form of a 1.8 BILLION dollar contract. Solar energy production is a win win win win--it's renewable energy, hurts wildlife less, will not be an eyesore and will not decrease surrounding property values as much. Where are the Erie County commissioners on this? Does the port authority want in on this?

Is NASA really a good neighbor? Does their pump station with 8-10 miles of piping to Sheldon's Marsh beach make them so? Or their pump station near the Sandusky water plant near Cedar Point? What comes in or out of those NASA pipes? Lots of EPA and NRC stuff went on or is still going on at Plum Brook.

Neither wind nor solar energy production at PBS seem to be on track to reduce our electric bills here. Subsidies from taxes taken from us and given to a private wind energy firm may pay for NASA to get credit for all of their required renewable energy for all of their centers and stations across the country. One county in Ohio could pay the highest price. Erie County seems to possibly be in trouble. The negative impacts and harm from way too many industrial turbines really should be shared across the country by all NASA facilities and not concentrated here in Erie County. Can the port authority help?


Since NASA is government land, and they have sold off some to private parties, what they do with the remainder of it is beyond the control of most of us. If they see fit to put up wind farms or sell to someone who is going to do windfarming, I imagine even the port authority people won't be able to do much to stop them. I can see them putting such a thing inside the owned property away from prying eyes and hands. While I agree that solar energy is less likely to be dangerous, I have read both good and bad about wind power as well. Toft dairly locally seems to get along fine with their unit. Actually the only problem I have heard of locally is the three at Perkins school and that frankly was manufacturer defect in nature. As for birds being "slaughtered by the turbine wind machines" (I am quoting from a recent article I read), it was reported by the author that most of what they found was based on slanted reporting and innuendo and that birds were not harmed as much as people were lead to believe. So for what it is worth, I would love to see the report NASA is waiting for myself to see what that one says. Having lived out west, they have loads of these things all over and very few birds ever landed on them or were killed by them.

Mr. Sorry I'm N...

Hello Jack518
Sorry. With all due respect, industrial turbines are getting breaks on killing eagles.

Please see:

(Sept 12, 2013 Wind farm killed 67 eagles in 5 years)

Please also see:

(Converse County, Wyo. A dirty little secret May 16, 2013)

Also Jack, the 500 ft. industrial wind turbines that NASA wants to have a private corp. build are to be about 6.6 times taller than the approx. 75 ft. wind turbines that were at Perkins schools. There are a few turbines in Erie County but not industrial GE XL 500s. The ones at Tofts, by the Sandusky Police station and the ones in Huron would almost be toys in comparison to ones possibly built at NASA Plum Brook and they could stand for 20-25 years. They could also be standing longer, rusting after use if the private energy corp. goes 'out of business' or if no end of life plans are guaranteed to totally decommission or totally remove them and the millions of pounds of cement and rebar used as each turbine's base. Search, wind turbines left to rust....rusting wind turbines....

Your words: "what they do is beyond the control of most of us" ???? In a way, you and I ARE the government, Jack, or we have an awful lot to say about it. Why allow NASA to destroy our skyline, beauty, birds and environment here because they want us to pay the full price for all the NASA facilities' percentage of renewable energy, or because they don't have enough to do--or they don't have all the funding they want--due to much of the space program going private.

NASA themselves call much of their land at Plum Brook
"underutilized." Then they need to give it back to Erie County. Erie County may probably be better stewards of the land. From my view point, NASA Glenn in Cuyahoga County, may possibly be on what appears to be a slash and burn mission in Erie County to define themselves in Cleveland somehow, or to save their own personal jobs there. In the past years, the Cleveland Plain Dealer has had a couple depressing articles about the future, or lack of purpose or demise of NASA Glenn. IMO, we appear to be their back yard dump or laboratory here in Erie County. Plum Brook is in fact NASA Glenn's child station and may perhaps give parenting a questionable name. Did low level radioactive material flow in Cleveland's streams near NASA Glenn for decades like it did here--from a reactor that probably should have never been built here? Was told by NASA they built it here because there was less population here. Less population for what? Do I trust them further to be a good neighbor? Will they say, we will do the wind farm because we can?

How many employees at Plum Brook ,now, actually live in Erie County? A few? As of 9/13, the director of Plum Brook lives 50+- miles away in Cuyahoga County close to NASA Glenn. Seems the deciders appear to have no real investment here.

"Beyond the control of most of us", Jack ???
Could the Erie County Commissioners pass something limiting the height of new construction or structures in Erie County? Commissioners need to be more creative and not save effort by putting all their hopes and eggs in the NASA basket. (Kalahari was a good development.) Don't think anything here yet is even the height of Sea Gate Tower in Toledo at 411 feet. 500 foot industrial turbines would be taller. And 20-25 of those skyscrapers could be looming here on Rt. 250 and very close to the medical helicopter station on 250 for a generation or longer.

We needed to show Erie County citizens a 3-D scale-model of 25-500 foot turbines with Erie County landmarks, homes, schools, restaurants, resorts, roads, and a county court house within a five mile radius of the proposed wind farm 3 years ago! This was requested of NASA but they refused. It could have been easy for NASA engineers to produce this, then it could have been on display for a few months for citizen comments. Wish the Erie County Commissioners would have requested this.


We are getting pretty far afield of the point of Ms Johnson's writings here, but have you seen the proposal for this wind farm and if so have you seen the actual height of the proposed windmills? If so, take your concerns to the Erie County Commissioners and state them as you have here. Why not if your concerns are this disturbing to you about what you think is going on. I am sure if this is what is going to happen they would be equally as concerned and perhaps may want to stop such a thing from happening. Why not do so?

If this is just speculation, then you have nothing to worry about and you worrys are for nothing. I, for one, am not the least bit concerned about potential wind farming if it is done within reason. I have seen it done with great results with little to no harm to wildlife. However, you have seen have some research that is disturbing to you. As with all new things, there are pros and cons that bother some people and don't bother others. We each have to deal with those new things as best we can and adjust accordingly.

I wish you well. Thanks for the information you have given me. As for dealing with places and government entities like NASA and departments of the government, you have much more faith than I in being able to control them or in dealing with them than I do and I have been doing so for over 40 years in both industry and personally. Good luck with your endeavours.