Venice Road Fire Station #7

Nov 12, 2013


Will the city rehabilitate the Venice Road fire station, relocate, or just shut it down entirely?  A serious assessment must be done including gathering statistics to support keeping the station open.  Since the overpass has been completed, is there even a need to keep the station open?

Right now, the city would like to take $500,000 out of the EMS fund to help pay for the salaries of the fire fighters who are being paid by a grant, which is no longer available. The EMS fund was set up to pay for equipment, supplies, and paying down the debt on the fire vehicles.  Even though the EMS fund has approximately $2 million in the fund, it doesn’t justify having to take salaries and benefits out of the EMS account.

The city seems to be fudging the budget short fall numbers by moving money from one fund to another fund.  Moving $500,000 out of the EMS fund to appease the budget numbers doesn’t always work out, eventually, it will catch up to the city somewhere down the line.

A good example of setting up funds for specific funding is the street fund. A license plate tax was implemented so money would be available to rehabilitate the streets.  Somehow, the street maintenance salaries shifted from the general fund to the street fund leaving very little left over for street improvements while freeing up money in the general fund.  Could the same thing happen if the city would ask for a fire levy?  A fire levy would be easier to pass compared to an income tax increase.  

Until next week, the city needs to make a decision that will do less damage to the budget and the taxpayers’ wallets.  Will the city take the easy way out and ask the taxpayers to pick up the budget short fall in the way of a tax increase, or will it cut spending?  It all comes down to managing the money in an efficient manner.



years ago the was talk of shutting it down after the overpass was compleat. That will never happen. SFD will tell you it is very needed, and it might be. They will never give up something they have, they will tell you bigger better is needed. And the people of Sandusky will choose a New fire Station fully staffed over a splash pad all winter long. Just saying.


Hey Mrs. Johnson why dont we close station number 3 or do you like your fire protection out there?


If 3 closes what is the closest station to Cedar Point? Google map it you might be surprised. I would bet the same for Venice would be true is 7 closed.


cedar point has it own fire department that works year round. during the winter they work 8 to 5. during the summer they work 12 hour shifts. so station one could handle it if 3's was closed.


You can tell that even the Register has realized that this blog is a waste, as soon as it is posted they bury it under no less than 17 other stories. All in a slim hope that people never read this poorly written, pretzel logic filled, weekly embarrassment to Sandusky Newspapers INC.


I have read the comments from above. Let's just say Mrs. Johnson lives down on Fifth Street and Mr. Schwanger lives on Perry Street, so both of these people live in the east end, where they have station 3. I live in the west end matter of fact in Muirwood Village and I have had to use station 7 for my husband several time since 2011. The last time was on Tuesday, November 5 at 4:30 a.m. and then again this past Saturday around 12:30 p.m. I have the highest regards for station 7 they were there in about 3 minutes. If they close #7 and have to call for station 1 or station 3 it would be a lot longer and if they should get slammed they would have to call in either Perkins or Margaretta which would be a 10 to possibly a 15 minute wait. Also we have two nursing homes out here the Lutheran Memorial Home and the
Commons of Providence, they both have a lot of calls there we can not be without a fire station in the west end. They closed station 5 when station 7 opened up. Keep station 7 open and let Mr. Schwanger and Mrs. Johnson come out and live in the west end to see how it is. May they should put their money where their mouth is. These two people have been a thorn in the city commission side for a long time. They should keep their mouth shut.

Let Fire Chief Paul Ricci make the decision and not Mrs. Johnson or Mr. Schwanger. Fire Chief Ricci know what is needed. Keep station 7 open.


But then they would have nothing to complain about this week, without offering decent suggestions. Didn't we just have an election...did we see their names on the ballot?? Exactly....


Mr. Sandusky, I agree with you they have all these suggestions and their names did not appear on the ballot. They are out there to cause trouble for the SFD. Like I said before they should put up or shut up.

T. A. Schwanger


@ Curley

I don't recall stating the City should close station Number 7.

However, I did point out the new City commission does have a decision to make--repair Number 7 (estimated at close to 6 figures)-- close Number 7, change the makeup of Number seven to an EMS only substation or close Number 3 on Cedar Point Drive.

The City has had a "mutual aid" agreement with Margaretta for years.

This is one of those "emotional hot topics" that politicians love to use when looking for additional revenue by way of increased taxes (same tactics schools use).


Mr. Schwanger would you like to see your home owner insurance go up? Closing number 7's or making an ems only station will drop the city class rating which means every ones home owner insurance go up. In fact you did state why doesnt the city close number 7's since the new over pass has been built. I have a better idea. close both outlying stations and move ever one to station 1. Also do you know where margaretta squad comes from? It comes from downtown castilla which is still a good 10 minutes even if they run lights and sirens. If you and Mrs. Johnson dont like how the city commission is running things put your names on the ballot. What you will find out is no body will want you or her on the city commission.


Sharon's 5 minutes should have been up a long time ago. I agree that she should put up or shut up. Next election is really not that far away.


milemarkerzero i agree with you. her and mr. schwanger should run and they will see how people truly feel about them.