Low profile election

Nov 5, 2013


It seems like the local elections are low profile anymore.  I can remember years ago how competitive the campaigns used to be with door-to-door sales pitches, plenty of signs everywhere, and radio and TV ads.  Do the candidates really want our vote?   

In the past, some candidates would run up election campaign expenses to $4,000 for a $5,000 a year job as a city commissioner.  Maybe, it is the sign of the times when money is not available to put into elections, or the candidates think they don’t have to put anything into being elected any more.

Some of the debates were not that well attended, especially, the Sandusky debates.  I am not sure what the reason is for people losing interest in elections.  Maybe, it is the choice of candidates or just apathy that people rather not make the effort to vote.

Next year will be a new year with new commissioners seated at the Sandusky commission table.  The candidates who win the Sandusky commission seats will have an awesome challenge ahead of them.  I just hope they don’t run the city into debt creating development projects that are paid for by the local taxpayers. Nearly all of the candidates are in favor of moving City Hall.  Development is good, but when you attempt to do development on the taxpayers’ dime, it will only run the city into more debt, which will not sit well with the taxpayer.  

Until next week, I hope every taxpayer will pay close attention and not allow the city to plead poor and then turn around and move City Hall and ask for a tax increase/ levy to relieve the strain on the general fund so more bond money can be made available.



Off-topic (but is there anything better to say?) ...

Puh-Leeez, SR, put "anymore" and "any more" in your stylebook.

"... the local elections are low profile anymore" is a cringeworthy way to open an essay.

Unless yer stumpin' in South Bumpkin, "Anymore" is NOT an acceptable substitute for "these days," "nowadays," "recently," "of late," or "lately."


- "I don't want to fight anymore."

- "I don't want any more fighting."

"Anymore" should be avoided in formal writing, and in this sense interchanges with "any longer," which is better -

"I don't want to fight any longer."

The Bizness

Just keeping complaining, and complaining, and complaining, and complaining........................OR GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

I have a feeling your blog has contributed towards peoples apathy, by always second guessing every thing.


Or perhaps the local candidates were afraid to go door to door out of fear voters would start asking questions about the candidates position on important issues.


Look at our choices, is there anything to be excited about? No, just the same vapid people in the same suits.