Enjoy the moment even if it isn't a winning one

Nov 24, 2013


3-7 for the fan of a football team doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun does it? But, you'd be suprised. 

It's almost just as fun, if not more so, to watch a team that doesn't win a lot.

With a team that wins you expect to win and only to do good. And then you get to the playoffs and get beat. And the thrill of a winning team suddenly vanishes.

Suddenly you're wondering how your team fell so quickly. Was it Coach? Or was it Johnny All-Star ,who until this point has lifted a team,? Suddenly you have to take down all your banners that read "State Bound!!".

Now, imagine never having to know that let down again.

Imagine knowing your team isn't ready for that yet. You know that deep down inside it'll still hurt that your team is losing. But, when your team is winning even if only for a quarter or a half its like the Super Bowl for you. You go crazy because for once your team is doing everything right!

Those 3 wins are the best Friday night's of the year. And maybe even 2 or 3 of your losses.

Like when you put up 35 points on a team that was favored to beat you by a lot more than that.

Every touchdown you scream and yell because you know the gears are finally starting to turn.

All the cogs in the machine are starting to turn together. But, in the end you play 10 games and you're done. There isn't the stress of letting anyone down in a big week 11 game.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd rather watch my friends go 3-7 then watch them lose in a week 12 rematch they should have won.

I'd rather watch a young team rebuild and have bonding moments. I love watching my team.

And guess what? I get to see them again soon on hardwood instead of turf.

I get to watch not just a team, but a family. And I get to be a part of that journey.

Even if I never touch a ball I get to feel the same emotions the team does.

And I as a spectator get to help set the atmosphere.

To me 3-7 doesn't sound too bad.


Pioneer Trail Pimp

It's sad that this is what Blue Streak football has been reduced to.


Nope, you can sugarcoat it all you want, but 3-7 still sucks. Hopefully they'll bounce back and have a better season next year.

A Young Adult's...

This is absurd. You can cheer for all of the 3-7 teams you want, but I'll still choose the winning team. I don't understand the point of this article at all.


Plain and simple. You support your team through the good and the bad. It's what being a fan and a supporter is all about. Otherwise, you're just a passenger on the bandwagon. When the Streaks were winning, the home stands were packed. The last two seasons, pretty empty. Pretty sad example of the type of support our team really has. I'm sure, at some point, this team will turn around and we'll make room on the wagon for all you fair weather fans. Until then, we'll continue to support our team and enjoy the extra space you've left us.

A Young Adult's...

Continue to support that backwards school, be my guest. Parents don't care. No school spirit. Hire some coaches who are willing to hold people accountable and not act like immature babies (cough*franklin*cough).


It's pretty sad the parents can't take the time to support their children beyond 6th grade! It is really sad watching a kid look up in the stands, trying to find a familiar face only to be disappointed! Get your A$$ off the couch, take the needle out of your arm long enough to support your "child". Wake up America!


This article really irritates me. Go to one of the seniors on the team and tell them how much you enjoyed 3-7 and would rather see that than a chance to play in the state playoffs.

You don't know any of the emotions in that locker room. To bust your tail the entire last year, to know your football career is now over and ended with a 3-7 season, sorry but you don't know that feeling

Stop It

whaaa...cry us a river wuss. Your senior year in high school losing a few football games and being Jock vs. Band Dude will fade from your mind like toast melts butter once you get your puny little graduated ass into the *REAL WORLD. Without fans you are crap, anyway. DEAL.

*And no, I don't mean MTV.

A Young Adult's...

No reason to be an idiot StopIt. Without fans you are crap? Where did that come from?

Stop It

Did you bother to read the article AYA...???
Yes...ANY sport without fans is just crap. The kid said he couldn't play but loves to be there cheering the team on.

WTF is your problem?


Although I respect the kid for putting himself out there and writing. That's a big thing to do, to write for public consumption in high school, and I commend him for it. I've played for 3-7 teams and 11-0 teams. 11-0 is more fun. It is just a much better atmosphere for the players, fans and coaches alike. All the questioning that you do when you're 10-1 comes when you're 3-7 too... just you question 7 times as much.

*EDIT* Although I will add that I wouldn't trade any of my 3-7 years for anything else that I could have been doing that fall. Playing football, winning or losing, is one of the best experiences I could have asked for.

Stop It

Thank you, AlexJ. Playing sports or being in band both have importance of giving kids something to do other than causing/getting in trouble. I personally liked football and wrestling being a jock and all but I always loved the marching band spirit.
I watched my daughter cry her head off because her reed went down in her clarinet during a halftime show. She still kept pace and never broke stride. I explained to her that none of us knew her reed went to crap and gave her big hugs...

EDIT to add: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U...


I always liked the band. Nothing got me more pumped for a game than hearing the band start marching down Johnson street while we were warming up. Always respected and appreciated them and the culture.