Jacob Weisberg at Slate magazine has a provocative piece arguing that if Barack Obama loses the fall election, racism is the only factor that could explain the loss.

It's a funny thing about opinions: Sometimes they are wrong.

If you pay any attention to the news, you already know Sen. Obama has picked Sen. Joe Biden to be his vice presidential running mate.

Commissioner Tom Ferrell wants to know what has happened to the plans to put up a landscaped entrance to greet tourists and shoppers coming to Erie County.

I've always loved science fiction, so it got my attention when NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman -- describing his three-month trip to the International Space Station this summer -- talked about switching on his iPod to play "Blue Danu

We've been experimenting with political features for a couple of years on our Web site, trying to find a good way to help voters make their election decisions.

Governor Ted Strickland is hosting a series of education forums in Ohio to prepare the way for his education reform plan, which he's going to announce next year.

None of the forums are in the Sandusky area, but there's one Wednesday in Toledo, so I'm passing on the details to you here.

Unemployment has jumped again in Ohio, from 6.6 percent in June to 7.2 percent in July, according to a report released today by Ohio Job and Family Services.

If the Strickland administration wants an Ohio economic indicator that's actually positive, here's something it can brag about: Oil production in Ohio is rising.

When I was in journalism school in college -- this was a few years ago -- about half of the people at the student newspaper were women. When I got out in the late 1970s, almost all of the editors I knew were men. These days, women editors are common.

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