The Erie County Humane Society is again offering Christmas stockings for pets, so that your dog or cat won’t feel left out of the Christmas or Hanukkah celebration.

Santa Claus is pretty busy this month, but perhaps because Sandusky has such a rich Christmas tradition, he’s agreed again to put in regular appearances in downtown Sandusky.

You’ve probably read Charles Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol.” You may have watched it on TV.

Now you can see the tale in downtown Sandusky’s windows, strolling down streets that once may have been walked by the author.

As we enter the new Christmas season, why not look back on past holidays in Sandusky?

Paul McCartney, the famous ex-Beatle, has done something at age 66 that’s kind of unexpected — he’s released a really good new album.

Plain Dealer columnist Thomas Suddes, in yesterday’s paper, has an impassioned column arguing that Congress needs to to move quickly to bail out the Big Three automakers.

The U.S. Senate is an exclusive 100-member club, so when one member picks on another, it tends to raise hard feelings.

As the debate goes on about bailing out the Big Three American automakers, you may have heard the figure manufactured by General Motors that UAW workers are paid $73 an hour.

Along with the other organizations getting in line in Washington, D.C., to ask for a bailout, such as banks, General Motors and state governments, you can add another group — public libraries. If Congress can’t write the check during the day, lawmakers can leave it in the slot after hours.

The transition has begun at the Erie County commissioners.

Pat Shenigo, the commissioner-elect, attended Thursday's and today's commission meetings, and told me he intends to keep coming to the meetings. He takes office in January.

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