Sandusky Mall owners tied to new corruption scandal

Tom Jackson
May 15, 2014


Attorney General Mike DeWine announced yesterday that he and Cuyagoga County's prosecutor, Timothy J. McGinty, have obtained grand jury public corruption indictments against Youngstown's mayor, John McNally, Mahoning County auditor Michael Sciortino and a Youngstown attorney, Martin Yavorcik. McNally is a former commissioner and he and Sciortino are both Democrats.

The press release from DeWine gives only a long list of charges and doesn't provide much background on the case, but an article by the Cleveland Plain Dealer's John Caniglia does a good job of explaining the case. Caniglia's piece says the new indictments stem from an earlier case in which the two officials and others tried to block the county's Department of Job and Family Services from moving from space it rented from the Cafaro Company to a county-owned building.

The Cafaro Company owns Sandusky Mall and Perkins Plaza in Perkins Township. Capri Cafaro is a Democratic state senator from Hubbard, which is near Youngstown. 

Caniglia's article has this interesting paragraph: "The indictment indicates the case centered on a taxpayer lawsuit brought by Cafaro's Ohio Valley Mall Co. against the Mahoning County commissioners. The suit challenged the county's decision to buy the property, according to court records. The indictment filed Wednesday accuses McNally and Sciortino of making false statements in the case."

DeWine's office has posted a copy of the indictment.

The Youngtown Vindicator's David Skolnick has a long story about the case that also gives background on how the Cafaro Company is tied to the indictment. 








This is not the first time for the Cafaro family, correct? I never thought that Capri Cafaro would ever find a district to get elected in. She tried a few times about 10 years or so ago in the Akron area. Her commercials are still probably being used in Poli Sci 101 classes as examples on what not to do. I think she finally just ended up getting appointed...I wonder how much that cost her or her family...


@ Mr. Jackson:

Corruption in Youngstown?

Say it ain't so!

After the Mob moved outa Cleveland, they just moved south.

Corruption has been on the menu for decades.


Maybe, if convicted, they can be sentenced to perform community service......filling in the potholes on the roads surrounding THEIR mall would be a nice start.


Interesting how a public corruption indictment from one notoriously corrupt county (Mahoning) somehow gets moved to another notoriously corrupt county (Cuyahoga) and the people of Cuyahoga get stuck with the bill.


Corrupt Dems huh? Shocker!

Ralph J.

No surprise with me. The SR may want to dig a little deeper into nearby Perkins Township. The Cosa Nostra went into hiding of more quiet areas of Ohio.

Ralph J.

Youngstown's mayor, John McNally, Mahoning County auditor Michael Sciortino and a Youngstown attorney, Martin Yavorcik. There you go.


Here's the indictment:

It's a really long read but interesting for a couple of reasons.

1) It's obvious there are many yet to be charged people and businesses including two law firms and 8 lawyers as well as members of the Cafaro family.

2) If you read the indictment (warning it's a mind numbing read) the gist of the case is that a group of people tried to dissuade Mahoning county from buying a building and vacating property owned by businesses owned by Cafaro family and they filed a taxpayer's lawsuit over the deal claiming the deal had been improper or fixed. That case was assigned to Retired Judge Markus. The Indictment claims parties lied or withheld evidence from Judge Markus and therefore tried to fix the case.

However, years later it appears the objections to the purchase raised in the Taxpayers' suit were legitimate as the property has become a boondoggle for the county. So it looks like there may be a lot more corruption than meets the eye in this case.

In any event if Julie R wanted a blueprint for how to draft a RICO case against county officials and law firms for alleged case fixing this indictment is a good template.

Ralph J.

Ask James Anthony Traficant, Jr.what he thinks.


Here's another link for Julie R.

Seems the probate judge in Mahoning County pled to a Bill of Information for tampering with evidence and has surrendered his law license.