Devo guitarist Bob Casale dies

Tom Jackson
Feb 19, 2014


Middle aged rock music fans in Ohio are mourning the death of Bob Casale, guitarist and keyboard player for the Akron rock band Devo. The hometown newspaper's report is here. The band's drummer, Alan Myers, died of cancer last year.

Devo made northern Ohio seem like a cool center for rock music. Known for its oddball cover of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction," and the big pop hit "Devo," the band was part of an Akron pop boomlet in the late 1970s that included Rachel Sweet and the Rubber City Rebels. Brian Eno produced the band's first album. The band jammed with Neil Young onstage; the band members' mangling of a lyric from a Young song resulted in the title of Young's live album, "Rust Never Sleeps." David Bowie and Iggy Pop were early fans of the band. 

Rolling Stone's article is here.




From the Grave

I got Are We Not Men...when it came out. Everyone made fun of me. I guess it's good that they have a lot of fans now, even if it's after they all die.


Whip it.............whip it good! Too bad Bob.


I remember the parody of Whip It used by 104 was called "Clip It" .. clip that nose hair" SO Funny. Never cared for the band , though.


October, 1978. Saturday Night Live. Devo performs "Satisfaction", jumps off stage, lobby of dormitory explodes in approval. One of the great tv moments of the 70's. They were right.

They were always right...

Finn Finn

Saw this band in 1980 in Detroit. It was the first date with my future husband. Good memories, but oh, how time flies!


Oh man, such a shame. Great band.


The passing of Bob2 brought to mind the passing of another icon many years ago in the person of Lester Bangs, whose writings I re-read and enjoy as much as I ever did. When John Lennon died Bangs had an interesting take on his death. One line that struck a chord in me, "I don't know what is more pathetic, the people of my generation who refuse to let their 1960's adolescence die a natural death, or the younger ones who will snatch and gobble any shred, any scrap of a dream that someone declared over ten years ago." Whether the dream being over part applies or not is for you to decide, but, at the age of 57 Casales passing makes me wonder if I have come to terms with the death of my 1970's adolescence, or if it even matters. Although there have plenty of musical artists moving on to the 'choir invisible' of late this one hits home in the respect that Devo arrived during a time when it became patently obvious that there was a sphere of influence well beyond the comfy confines of Sandusky Bay that I needed to discover. The fact that I shared the notion that we were, in fact, regressing as a culture fit in nicely at the time.

OTOH, Keith Richards is alive and well, as is Dylan, save for his voice.