Where are y'all from? A quiz tries to figure that out

Tom Jackson
Dec 30, 2013


The New York Times has posted a fascinating quiz which tries to identify part of the country you are from according to which words you use in everyday conservation.

Depending on where you were raised, for example, a sweet, carbonated beverage in a can could be known as a "soda," "pop," "tonic," "soft drink," "lemonade," "cocola," "fizzy drink," "dope," or "coke." In Texas or Oklahoma, the following dialogue is not unheard of: "Would you like a coke?" "Yes." "What kind?" "A Dr. Pepper."

I tried the quiz, which told me that I talk like folks in Spokane, Washington, and Arlington and Fort Worth in Texas. I can't account for Spokane, but saying I speak like folks in the Dallas area is not bad. I lived most of my life in Lawton, Oklahoma, 45 minutes from the Texas border and culturally similar to north Texas.

I asked Melissa Topey, a Sandusky Register reporter who grew up in Bellevue and lived for several years in Detroit, to try the quiz. It linked her to Detroit, Toledo and Grand Rapids, which is pretty good. Andy Ouriel tried it; it said he's from Rochester, Yonkers or Buffalo. He's from Rochester. 

Try the quiz (it's easy and fun, just multiple choice) and tell me in the comments how it did. 



Hollie Newton

Said I was from New York. I'm from Ohio, but my parents are from New York. Interesting.


It had me similar to Akron, Rockford, IL and Toledo.

Born & raised in Northern OH, but spent 25 yrs. in Chicago.


Thanks Mr. Jackson. I'd seen this elsewhere, but didn't bother with the quiz.

A happy and prosperous new yr. to you!


Mine was way off. It gave me Yonkers, NY, New Jersey and Philadelphia. I was born in upstate NY, grew up mainly in Massachusetts and then lived in Virginia for 20 years before coming to OH. So, y'all can't tell where I'm from!


So Tom you saw my post yesterday regarding the police "flag down" 3:30a.m. "y'all." Many give-aways on spoken words.


I've lived all over and picked up bits and pieces of language from pretty much everywhere. And yet when I took the quiz, the results insisted I'm from Minnesota or Wisconsin. And you know what? I am! Really interesting little quiz!


Mine came back Toledo, Detroit, and Rochester. I spent time up in Detroit, in the late 70's and 80's, in the service my swim buddy was from Rochester.


Mine said I'm from Kenya, but I'm from Hawaii. Quiz=fail.


If you were from Kenya you wouldn't have survive man who wants to be a women. I guess you the one who had a crush on man ti teo wonder how your husband likes it. I forgot they do allow same sex marriage.


Lmao....you went to SHS didn't you? I can tell by your spelling and laughable punctuation. I'm not sure if you're implying I'm gay, or my wife has a penis, or I play football, or if I'm a transvestite or what. I can't believe someone who got free lunches all through school is so angry at the world.


love it!



JMOP's picture

Oh? Well maybe Obama's dialect was basis for that region.


BTW...this comment was genius. I should get an award for my creativity.


absolutely. unfortunately not many will understand or appreciate it! I am convinced they had no English teachers here for a number of years! Perhaps the football coach taught English!


I know YOU think you are a stand up comic but you REALLY need to STAND DOWN!


Shut it Bambi. I don't want you to type to me til next year! Lol

Stop It

Missed me, bigtime. That's what happens when one travels a lot for work.

From the Grave

I got...the grave, the crypt, and the cemetery...

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The Hero Zone

It put me down in a very narrow tri-city area of Phoenix, Mesa/Tempe, and Glendale, AZ. That's really...odd. It would be nice to visit but, unless I was lying to myself on how I pronounce words, off the mark. Born in Florida (Southern Ohio as some call it), lived in Connecticut a year or two, and finally rooted in Ohio at the end of middle school. Apparently what pegged me being from there was not having a specific term for a drive-thru liquor store.

Interesting and I guess I could go back and see what happens if I change "you guys" to "y'all" as I do tend to use still. I was surprised I didn't see the following:

How do you pronounce the soft, puffy fabric you put your head on to sleep?

Any time you are faced with a word including the letters "-ash-", what do you do?
-A is always "eh" unless it's "aa", want some baked beans?: "Wehsh"
-Pronounce it correctly: "Wash"
-Insert a phantom "r" for some reason: "Warsh"
-Go out of my way to change the a to u and also add an r: "Wursh"

Is your basket of flowers all trod in the mud?
-Yes, unfortunately, thank you for your concern.
-No! Me baesket o'flowrs's awl traed in tha maed!

Thanks for the fun quiz, Mr. Jackson! If you come across any others please do share them.

EDIT: Took it again to see if going with "y'all" and other minor things would change it and it was interesting to see new questions on there. My favorite was "what do you call the little gray bug that can curl up". Roly-poly of course! Well, maybe not for everyone. Anyway this time it just kind of split the middle and put me in Louisville, KY. It also suggested Tuscon, AZ again as well as Augusta/Richmond, GA.

Shucks! T'weren't fer mah suuthr'n upbrinin's Ah reckon Ah'd be pegged fer one o'them-thar Midwesterners! 'Pparently lewks like Ah'm a mutt!