First they came for the rich white kids ....

Tom Jackson
Dec 19, 2013

You know how police states get started. First they came for the kid who eats lunch at the yacht club, the one who wanted to buy the $874,000 home, and I didn't speak out, because I didn't own a yacht.

That's the situation that's unfolding in Ottawa County, according to defense attorney Tom DeBacco, who says that his client, Alexander Reitzel, 19, was overcharged with two counts of attempted burglary, just because he apparently tried a locked door on the back of state Rep. Chris Redfern's house. You can read our story here.

They say that President Harry Truman used to complain that he needed a one-armed economist on his staff. His advisors would tell him something, then say, "On the other hand ... "

Nobody is insisting on a one armed blogger yet, so I can still say I see both sides.

I'm no expert on burglary laws. Maybe Reitzel was overcharged compared to other folks who tried a locked door and hung out in the back yard. Maybe the prosecutor overcharged him, looking for a plea deal. Maybe prosecutors in the 87 other counties and 49 other states never do that. Maybe Reitzel was just "impulsed by that house."

On the other hand, if somebody goes in my back yard and tries my locked door, I hope the cops arrest him, put him in handcuffs and haul him away. I hope he gets charged with something serious, not the equivalent of a speeding ticket. 

It seems to me that Redfern's political stature cuts both ways. Yes, he probably gets his phone calls returned more quickly than you or I. On the other hand, if someone tries to break into the home of Tom Jackson, minor blogger, the defense attorney doesn't get on page one saying that the prosecution was politically motivated. If the lawyer wants to get his name in the papers, he has to buy an ad.

Incidentally, if the white guy who eats at the yacht club gets hammered by the DA, just like the black guy who orders from the dollar menu, doesn't that mean the system is kind of working? Just asking. Go visit the local jail — any jail — and see who's behind bars.

Maybe DeBacco should get together for lunch with the lawyers from the public defender's office. They can swap stories about injustice. But if they meet for lunch at the Catawba Island Club, I hope DeBacco picks up the tab. 








850,000$$$$$ house. Get a clue on how the people you represent are really living.

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Agree 100% with you Mr. Jackson! I think the ones who are outraged that the kid was even charged are afflicted with a bad case of "Sour Grapes" against Redfern. Just because the kid maybe never got into the house doesn't mean he shouldn't be charged with something. That's like saying it's okay to drive drunk as long as you don't kill anybody on the way. Oh, I know, the kid was just going to go through the house and pick out a nice Christmas gift for his mom right?

Licorice Schtick

It's not even that. It's desperation. The accused's attorney has nothing better. It's a tenet of criminal defense; you attack what you can, systematically and hierarchically. The witnesses. The evidence. The prosecution. The victim. He's just scraping the bottom of the barrel very early. It could be worse. They attack the victim in rape cases, too.

And he's taken it to the court of public opinion. That's risky. It could backfire. It should.


Excellent point Licorice.


Re: "Redfern,"

Just a little non-State sanctioned redistribution of wealth against a member of the political ruling class (nomenklatura).


Alexander's family are registered Republicans.

Why didn't Mulligan indict the former sheriff for theft in office?

AJ Oliver

Umm, AEver. - "Poor people tend to commit crimes," except for the banksters that ripped us off for trillions. And how many business owners go to jail for wage theft?
And if you're gonna trash someone, why not man up and use your real name? You too, the rest of ya.


Re: "banksters that ripped us off for trillions."

And TARP passed when the Dems controlled both houses of Congress.

Remember: Bernie Madoff was a 'good' Democrat.

Stop It

Cram it, Oliver. That horse you are ridin' is goin' lame.


You forgot to mention the ONE PERCENT, AJ.

Those who harp on commenters' identity either suffer from the false conceit that their own identity enhances the value of their words, or are looking for hooks on which to hang ad hominems. Which one are you?

White Owl

First they "Mulligan, Redfern, and others" came for an attorney in Ottawa County who asked to have Democratic county officers and school officials investigated for public corruption.

We've had a police state in this area for quite awhile as evidenced by Limberios, Jones, Burdine, Nuesse, and many other cases.

Try it. Speak truth to power Mr. Jackson instead of fawning over politicians so you have your access.


"Maybe DeBacco should get together for lunch with the lawyers from the public defender's office."

Maybe Mulligan should send his entire files and evidence to DeBacco like he did for Wisehart.
"In an unorthodox pre-trial, pre-charges move, Mulligan sent a letter and all his evidence to the suspect’s attorney last week."
"Mulligan refused to talk about his strategy on the record, but Wisehart confirmed he received a letter and a thick case file from the prosecutor.

Dr. Information

People need to be happy with what they have. Stop being jealous of the wealthy. We live in a nation where so many on the left think someone is the cause of where they are. No personal responsibility whatsoever.