What's wrong with the Rock Hall of Fame? Rock critics!

Tom Jackson
Dec 17, 2013

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced the 2014 inductees: Peter Gabriel, Kiss, Nirvana, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, Hall and Oates, the E Street Band, Andrew Loog Oldham and Brian Epstein. (I'm guessing that Oldham is the name many of you won't recognize; he was an early manager of the Rolling Stones. He's the guy who said, "Pop music is sex, and you have to hit them in the face with it.")

You have your favorite old rock stars and I have mine, and I promise to be mature about this and not whine, for at least a couple of weeks, that some of my favorites such as the Cars and Roxy Music and Cheap Trick are still missing from the Rock Hall. 

But I have a gripe, anyway. As Plain Dealer music writer Chuck Yarborough points out, neither Cat Stevens nor Peter Gabriel polled well when rock music fans weighed in.  Instead, the fans delivered plenty of votes for Yes and for Deep Purple, who trailed only Kiss and Nirvana.

I can live with the induction of Gabriel (because I happen to like his music, and he's plausible as a rocker.) 

But exactly what sorts of people seriously, really believe that Cat Stevens rocks harder than Yes or Deep Purple? 

If you have a problem with that, Rock Hall CEO Greg Harris has some advice for you, according to Yarborough's story: Shut up and listen to the experts, the rock critics and other folks who are allowed to actually decide.

“I feel the passion and energy of fans certainly must resonate,’’ said Harris. “But in the end, the 700 voters are voting with who they feel were impactful and had a significant effect on rock ‘n’ roll.’’

Sandusky, Ohio, are you ready to rock? Crank it up, because Greg Harris and his crack team of rock critics are blowing out the speakers with some impactful Cat Stephens!







The Big Dog's back


The Big Dog's back

Definitely Joe Cocker.


"If it sounds like good music - then it IS good music." Duke Ellington. Rammstein/Stripped.



God Of Thunder

About time KISS gets in. If you ask any group after them, they will tell you That KISS was their influence. After 40 years of rocking the world, this is long overdue, and I dare anyone to tell me that Madonna deserved to be in before them.


How about Grand Funk Railroad? But, I'm going to have to say by far and away the greatest rock guitarist ever, Jimmy Page of course. :)

The Big Dog's back

Jimmy Page was by far the most innovative. Whole Lotta Love.


lolol--You know it Big Dog!! :}

Pterocarya frax...

Well I guess there are at least 2 Grand Funk lovers....you and Homer Simpson....or are you and Homer one and the same?


I like 'em.


aw c'mon Pterocarya!-- and to think I held your opinion of things in such high esteem! At least my pal Big Dog never lets me down! Besides, how do you know I'm not "Sweet, sweet Connie"?? :}


With ya on this one.

GFR - Music for the working class. T.N.U.C.

James Gang!

Pterocarya frax...

I am sorry meowmix...I just couldn't help it. I really do respect you and your opinions ....almost as much as I respect Homer!


Is CCR in? Moody Blues?

Black Oak Arkansas? New Riders of the Purple Sage? Doors?Warlock?


Love CCR!


What's wrong with the Rock Hall of Fame?

Boy George was chosen.