Local author promotes her Sandusky memoir

Tom Jackson
Dec 11, 2013


Author Mary Murray Bosrock will be in town Thursday, Dec. 12, to promote her memoir about growing up Catholic in Sandusky, "Mortal Sin on My Soul."

She'll be at the Sawmill Creek Resort shops from noon to 3:30 p.m. Thursday.

Read my colleague Alissa Widman's article about "Mortal Sin on My Soul," and when you follow the link, look at the vintage photo of a "Murray Christmas." I notice that many of the little boys are wearing neckties, preparing for the days when they'll be donning suits to work at the family law firm.




Is this one of those whiny Irish Catholic growing-up-in-the-50s (or 60s) books that have been done to death, or is it actually good / interesting / unique?


As a recovering Catholic: been there, done that.

Good luck with the book.

A book that helped me to unwind the indoctrination: