Cheer up, Buckeyes fans. You have a chance to win.

Tom Jackson
Dec 9, 2013


The bowl matchups have been announced. Ohio State is off to Miami to play Clemson in the Orange Bowl on Jan. 3. Bowling Green State University takes on Pittsburgh at the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl on Dec. 26, while my alma mater, the University of Oklahoma, has a date with Alabama on Jan. 2 at the Sugar Bowl. Or course, the national championship will be decided on Jan. 6, Florida State vs. Auburn.

The Oklahoma Sooners apparently won the team's Sugar Bowl berth by beating favored Oklahoma State on Saturday. 

When I saw that my team faces Alabama, I was appalled. Alabama is arguably the best team in the country. The Sooners are 10-2 and not to be trifled with, but the team lost to Baylor and Texas and didn't always impress with its victories. If OU wins, it will be a pleasant surprise.

OSU fans, meanwhile, suffered from delusions that the team was of national championship caliber, although I don't think any serious football fans in the 49 other states respected OSU's schedule. The Orange Bowl is a big name bowl, and Clemson is a credible opponent that OSU actually can beat. I assume many OSU fans wish the team could take on Alabama, but I wish my team was playing Clemson. There's something to be said for ending the season on a good note.




I am a graduate of OSU, and die hard Buckeye fan. However, after watching team after team shred our secondary, I am appreciative for the Orange Bowl.Perhaps it is time to find another Defensive Coordinator, one who knows something about playing defense.
We have too much talent to be pushed around by someones passing game. Personally putting the QB on his tush is the best defense, but then again you still have to have someone cover.

Brick Hamland

3 weeks ago a possible rape charge in FlA could have pitted OSU vs. Bama in the national title game. Now both OSU and Bama have open calendars... it is too bad the BCS is so money driven or else OSU could have played Bama and then maybe OSU fans could have gotten exposed to an SEC opponent. Then they could either say "see we can compete" or come to the realization that they can't compete in the SEC or at least with the top teams

The Big Dog's back

Was that tears from OSU fans that froze on the road this morning?


Dog, this may be the only time we ever agree!

Dr. Information

OSU has nothing to hang their head about. 24 straight wins and another BCS bowl (most of any college team). Sure its not the NC game but upsets happen and sometimes the lower ranked team loses. Happens each and every week in every sport. Go Buckeyes.


OSU was overrated to begin with. They played no one.

Dr. Information

They played 3 ranked teams during the season. More than FSU played, that's for sure. Overrated is a term loosely used these days by many who simply do not know. UM for example was overrated. 17 preseason, and nowhere to be found post season. That is overrated.

A good example of someone who doesn't know is the guy who wrote this article. FSU's strength of schedule is weaker that OSU's, yet no word on them. Auburn wouldn't be in the talk at all if it wasn't for a fluke last second play against a pretty bad Georgia team. Sure the game is played but luck sometimes factors in, hence Auburns win. Hate on haters.

As for Alabama's schedule, who exactly did they beat up on? Oh that's right, nobodies. Their only 2 games were vs LSU (3 losses this year) and Auburn and by no means did they blow them out of the water (win vs LSU). Then they marginally won over a 6-6 MSST team. Yup, Alabama played loaded talent all year long. More like pathetic talent (outside of LSU and Auburn and Auburn won).

Do some actual homework on sports before you write articles. Its not that hard hater.


OSU was/is the most overrated team in football! Using the most current rankings, how many ranked teams did OSU beat? Their 24 consecutive wins have come largely against crappy teams. Having the 66th ranked toughest schedule this year is proof of that. One of these days the schedulers for the Big Ten teams will actually plug in some tougher non-conference teams. Also, the quality of the Big Ten has gone down considerably. It used to be that at least half of the teams were quality opponents. FSU is not much better.

My pick for the championship would be Auburn vs Stanford.

Dr. Information

Stanford? Good Lord. You mean Stanford who lost to a 5-7 Utah and then a 9-4 USC? Yup totally a NC caliber team. LOL. Using the most current rankings how many ranked teams did Alabama beat?

Going 24-0 isn't easy. Mathematically its very hard or Everyone would be doing it. Facts please not biased opinions.


Yes, Stanford. Strength of schedule #7. Three wins against top 10 team and 3 more against teams scattered in the top 50. Say what you will about Utah but they had undoubtedly the #1 toughest schedule in college football this year. Alabama strength of schedule is #48. If Utah were in the Big 10 it probably would have won it.


I don't recall stating anything about any other team except OSU. OSU was overrated regardless of whether or not other teams were.