Hitchens and Greenwald on Mandela

Tom Jackson
Dec 6, 2013


After Nelson Mandela died, my son found a quotation about Mandela by the late Christopher HItchens, and shared it on Facebook. Here it is:

Perhaps the most stirring single event of South African history was the aesthetically perfect moment in February 1985 when his jailers came to Nelson Mandela and told him he was free to leave. And he loftily declined! He would quit the prison when he was ready, and when the whole country had been released, and not a moment before. At that instant, the morons who had confined him became slowly aware that he was already the president of the republic and had in fact been in moral command of the office for some considerable time. Nor was it just a matter of his charisma. A well-rooted and experienced non-racial party, the African National Congress, had for years been saying to the apartheid authorities, with complete confidence: When you are finished running this country into the ground, we are absolutely prepared to replace you. In utero, and well into its third trimester, the new South Africa already existed. -- Christopher HItchens

And here is Glenn Greenwald's observation on Twitter:

Nelson Mandela: a noble reminder that those declared "criminals" by an unjust society are often the most just.




AJ Oliver

Right on Tom !!
And nowadays we have Snowdon, Manning and others.
BTW, Manning did not release ANY top secret classified material at all and got 35 years!!; Bush staffers Richard Armitage & Scotter Libby DID release Top Secret material and never served a single day in prison.
Don't EVEN tell me about that "rule of law" stuff.


Re: "we have Snowdon, Manning and others."

And "we the people" should be thankful that they enlightened us of the authoritarian programs that the CIA, NSA, et al have been perpetrating in our name in our own country and around the world.

Democrats of the caliber of Frank Church are LONG GONE.


Remember: Mr. Mandela was a communist.

Stop It


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we have a local connection to Mandela..... My friend, girlfriend from Cape Town, Kat... whom visited April 2009, stayed here on Milan Rd for 6 months, and then again few months later, her first husband was murdered marching with Mandela in 1990s.... Katheryn called me with the news Papi died... sad, and yet sader..... OBAMA TRIED TO LINK HIMSELF to Nelson Rali.... Mandela

Coram Deo


"Western liberals like simplistic stories and Mandela was their happy ending. His very existence freed them from the need to learn anything more about what happened after apartheid. By knowing him, they knew, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story. Mandela freed them from knowing history.

Everyone knows the history of South Africa and no one knows it. The dynamics of a troubled past that were reduced to a happy ending built around one man are still playing out in South Africa. Even as the mourning for Mandela goes on, one child is raped every three minutes in South Africa and three children are murdered every day.

If there is anything that the world ought to mourn, not only today, but every day, it is a horrifying reality in which a South African woman is more likely to be raped than to learn to read, a quarter of the men admit to having raped and men with AIDS believe that they can find a cure by raping a baby."

The messianic mantle placed on Mandela much like the one placed on President Obama by an adoring liberal press clearly did not help either man or further the cause of the suffering poor.


Mandela, the myth that CNN and the other liberal bias media created.

Mandela, was convicted for being a terrorist where he ordered bombs exploded on city streets which killed and maimed hundreds. He admitted to over 156 terrorist acts.

While in prison wrote "How to be a good communist"

He was personally responsible by ordering the murders of over 100,000 people (176 were killed under apartheid) .

His wife was convicted and imprisoned for murder AND SHE IS ABOUT TO BE CHARGED AGAIN for more murders! They've found in April 2013 more graves in the desert where she ordered the executions.

Mandela was on the USA Terrorist list up to 2008 until the press rewrote history and created a myth concerning this evil man. Margaret Thatcher said he and his wife were terrorists

Wife declared and called upon other Marxists to chain tires on the necks of those who opposed their rule and pour fuel on it and light it! The word "necklacing' was entered into Webster because of Mandel's inhumane murders!

There isn't much difference between Hitler and Mandela except for the numbers of the murders. Yet you liberals will explode if someone said Hitler was a great man and he should RIP. But you refuse to accept the facts about Nelson and his demonic murderous wife because your logic has been conditioned by the liberal press with their mantra that if its reported multiple times it will be accepted as truth.

ANYONE who excuses and accepts this man as a great person is as guilty for his murders and crimes as if they were the ones who carried out his orders, and at the judgement day of Christ you will answer with your soul for this.


Well Hitler was Man of the Year/Time magazine circa 1938. Prescott Bush was involved with the T-4 program. W's relation. Interesting.


Yes Prescott was much like Joe Kennedy sr. and the jews.


Many elites found things they liked about Hitler. It really isn't all that interesting, more sad than interesting.




How times have changed. Communism is now good.