NSA collecting Gmail and Yahoo Mail messages and files

Tom Jackson
Oct 30, 2013


The NSA, which still has a few rules that ban it from collecting every email message in America, has figured out how to evade the rules by collecting the messages overseas.

This means that government officials very likely can collect your domestic messages, because Google and Yahoo back up their data and email messages on servers across four continents, according to this Washington Post story,

The Post story says that Google and Yahoo pay big bucks to transfer the data on supposedly private cables and that Google makes a considerable effort to encrypt their customers' data. Oh, well:

They had reason to think, insiders said, that their private, internal networks were safe from prying eyes.
In an NSA presentation slide on “Google Cloud Exploitation,” however, a sketch shows where the “Public Internet” meets the internal “Google Cloud” where their data resides. In hand-printed letters, the drawing notes that encryption is “added and removed here!” The artist adds a smiley face, a cheeky celebration of victory over Google security.
Two engineers with close ties to Google exploded in profanity when they saw the drawing. “I hope you publish this,” one of them said.

I've been suffering from "NSA fatigue" the last few weeks, but this is interesting.

The Post story is written by Barton Gellman; his interview on NPR's "Fresh Air" is here.








Raoul Duke

Jesus, now they'll know about that god dam bats too.

The New World Czar

Mr. Duke- by chance are you communicating from somewhere between LA and Las Vegas?

From the Grave

bats in the grave yard


Nothing is private anymore!!!!! Thought growing up I was lucky to be living in this country. That's what they taught us in school, we we're free. Well that was a nothing but a bunch of bs! This country is more involved with spying on their own they sometimes let their guard down, causing some kind of terrorist attack. I just can't believe how this country has changed, just in the past 20 years. Maybe once we have yet another civil war and we the people take over our Government then we will begin to feel safer in our own homes and the countries Financial blunders and wows will be a thing of the past. I so feel sorry for the young kids now, they dont stand a chance in this country anymore.


Yeah, well they don't teach that in school anymore. They teach kids that the government is both the means and the ends.

2cents's picture

Never use a public based email provider, way too much opertunity to tune in.

From the Grave

I have a TON of email just in my inbox~how can they REALLY look at a whole country's worth of emails? Maybe key words, like pipebomb, hijack, things like that? Or talking about the president being 6 feet under.
Oops, now they are watching me...


We spend so much money and talent on spying and end up alienating our citizens and allies across the globe. Yet we cannot protect our own government web sites and online services.

We need to re-direct the NSA to protecting instead of attacking


Anybody who still thinks Google, Yahoo!, etc. email is "free" is entirely ignorant of reality. But there's a difference between agreeing to a service, including its terms of use (which clearly state they're going to "customize" your service by searching your web use and your emails), and the federal government conducting warrantless searches!

What's the difference? There are two:

1. You actually get something back when you use Google, et al (free services, "customized experience" you may decide that, to you, is worth the loss of privacy); and

2. What Google, et al do isn't illegal, and they can't force you to do any such thing at the point of a gun.


Imagine that, further evidence of the erosion of the Constitution post 9/11. Given the current circumstances, you will not be able to recognize the USA in 5 to 10 more years. Not Obama or Bush's fault, blame it all on the Military Industrial Complex, this is all on them.

Dr. Information

If you don't think you aren't being profiled by the government, think again. They have very smart computers that can work a million times faster than a human and tag phrases, key words...etc. We as a nation are being profiled. They want to know who are the dangerous ones, the ones who speak out, who own guns and would use them.

Stop It

If you think anything you type or say on the Internet or wireless isn't private, take the battery out of it, unplug it, and use it for a paper weight or quit with using the green LSD.

La-La Land of Privacy went out the window a long time ago.