Rock Hall of Fame redeems itself

Tom Jackson
Oct 16, 2013


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced the nominees for its class of 2014, and it's a strong and varied group: the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Chic, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, Kiss, LL Cool J., The Meters, Nirvana, N.W.A, The Replacements, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, Link Wray, Yes and the Zombies.

The strong slate is particularly good news after a relatively weak 2013 class of inductees.  Everybody likes the Wilson sisters, or at least all American males of a certain age do, but is Heart really one of the greatest rock bands of all time? C'mon. 

A few other thoughts:

(1) Nirvana would seem to be the obvious front-runner here. The main suspense would seem to be who will fill in for Kurt Cobain during the celebration concert. 

But the nomination also has ominous overtones, suggesting that the quality of the nominees will decline in a few years. The last wave of really good rock bands were the grunge groups of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc. 

Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after their first record. Once Pearl Jam gets inducted (the band's first record was in 1991), who's left?

(2) Yes is usually considered the best progressive rock band, so the band's induction would be a big breakthrough for the category. It's odd that Rush was inducted first. It's a little bit like inducting the Kinks ahead of the Beatles. My campaign statement for Yes is here. 

(3) Where's Roxy Music? Where's the Cars? 

(4) So the Moody Blues aren't good enough, the Cars aren't good enough, Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry aren't good enough, Stevie Ray frigging Vaughan isn't good enough, but Cat Stevens gets nominated? Was that the "ironic" nomination? 






Darwin's choice

Cat stevens?????? Didn't he start Al Qaeda? terrorist!

It's to bad the Rock Hall of Fame closes daily at 5:30!!! Jimi Hendrix was still asleep then.......

And totally agree with your #4 !!!


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I like Cat Stevens. He is a peaceful Muslim. Not all Muslims are militant fanatics.

Stop It

Q # 1. Courtney Love, maybe and depending.

Has anyone been to that joke of one of the most boring museums ever?

I'd rather go to Nautica on the river and watch and hear the blues.

Dude i Roc

How about Boston, Journey, and Kansas?

Stop It

You can't be serious....

Tom Jackson

@Dude i Roc: Kansas is my personal favorite of the three, but I think maybe Boston has the best case. 

Stop It

Generic at best. No real rock n roller would ever consider any of those. Or KISS. Remember when KISS made a disco album? I liked them somewhat before that. I checked the website out. Just as boring as the museum. Cleveland has much potential, but doesn't use it. Look what happened to the Flats?


I don't think the Rock Hall is boring it all. We always have a lot of fun when we go.


Mr. Jackson writes:

"who will fill in for Kurt Cobain during the celebration concert."

What about Frances Bean Cobain, Love's and his only child?


A one game playoff and they start a rookie? Now he is done like the browns. WE-Done.

The New World Czar



Warlock (Doro Pesch) !!

Moody Blues !!

Iron Maiden !!


Armoured Saint !!

Zebra !!

P.S. They really need to stop putting in rap and disco. It has nothing to do with rock.