Hoefert: Need-to-know basis only

May 23, 2013


Excerpt: Day after day after day during a presidential campaign the candidates will speak to the American people and promise that when elected they, yes they, will be the United States next great communicator by bringing more transparency to the Oval Office.

Then, after being elected as leader of the greatest nation in the free world, one of their first priorities as president is to hire a spokesperson whose main duty is, you guessed it…

Day after day after day speak to the American people.

Hmmm, maybe Jay Carney, President Obama’s White House press secretary, whose primary responsibility is to act as spokesperson for the Obama Administration, should also speak to President Obama.

That way President Obama would’ve, could’ve and should’ve known that during the week of April 22 the IRS inspector general notified the White House counsel’s office that it was completing a review of the IRS office in Cincinnati that targeted conservative political groups for special examination.

An IRS review that President Obama said he was unaware of until May 10 as he stated a week ago Monday:

“I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this. I think it was on Friday.”

He thinks?

Me thinks!

That if President Obama didn’t know about the actions of the IRS then maybe, just maybe, President Clinton didn’t have sexual relations with that woman, President Nixon is not a crook and President Harrison never did Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.

Ought to have known about audit, Part I — The good news for President Obama claiming not knowing about the IRS is it takes some of the focus off of what he really does know concerning issues about Benghazi, the Justice Department seizing the Associated Press phone records and Beyoncé lip synching the National Anthem during his inauguration.

Ought to have known about audit, Part II — The bad news for President Obama is that The first lady has joined John Stewart, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and others making jokes about her husband’s failures as she did at the graduation ceremony for Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School last Saturday in Nashville, Tenn. when she wisecracked:

“And then there’s this guy, Barack Obama, I could take up a whole afternoon talking about his failures, he lost his first race for Congress, and now he gets to call himself my husband.”


Darwin's choice

Enough said....!


“I have not done anything wrong,” “I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations, and I have not provided false information to this or any other committee."

- IRS official Lois Lerner

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"

- Robert Hanlon


I.R.S.: It's Really Stealing.


The Big Dog's back

Let's see, CON groups out numbered Liberal groups 34 to 1. Maybe they should have targeted that 1 Liberal group. This has Karl Rove written all over it.



Hey Chuck,
Try reading Scott McCellan's book " What Happened?" This was George W.'s right hand man spilling the beans about the lies of the Bush/ Cheney administration. I know you would want to keep it "fair and balanced"


The IRS has already apologized for "inappropriate behavior."

Yep, to a brainless big govt. trusting liberal there’s no “smoking gun” there eh?

When a liberal zombie is in doubt, they stretch for moral equivalency – Pres. Bush did it too.

Obviously in THEIR simple minds the argument is: Two wrongs make a right.


"Obama Threatens IRS Audit at Arizona State University Commencement Address":


The IRS takes this kinda remark VERY seriously!

If an IRS employee was to have made it, he/she would have been FIRED!


@Contango: Simple minds? I served 23 years in the USAF. I have been places and seen things you never heard of or only read about. My point has always been BOTH PARTIES are liars! But when you are a right wing zombie, I guess you can't grasp that concept!


@ bucknut36:

Well then OBVIOUSLY my comment wasn't intended for you and no there's no need for you to get your nose outa joint.

Though I enjoy History, I'm a political Independent and say: Let's drain the swamp which has presented itself.

The Big Dog's back

Stop with the Independent thing already. Very boring.


He's a hater drunk on Kesslers this early.! Ignore him!


Correction: Dewars or Johnny Walker Red (neat) - later in the day.

You probably like the sweet 'girlie' drinks. :)


He ingests HUGE quantities of Obie Brand Kool-Aid.

Gets it by the tanker load it appears.


Remember: Mr. Obama IS our first metro-sexual president.

Rumor is: Valarie Jarrett wears the REAL pants in the Oval Office.

It's been noted that Mr. Obama has few close friends and/or advisors.

Ya know how Reagan had Thatcher and Bush had Blair?

Name for me THE foreign leader with which Mr. Obama has formed a strong political relationship?

IMO, this guy is a narcissist (always the smartest guy in the room) and looks for little if any advice outside of his own head.

The Big Dog's back

President Obama is a strong leader. He doesn't need a crutch to lean on like Raygun and Shrub.



President Obama is a moron. He thinks he is the smartest guy around and refuses to acknowledge he is actually a tool.


Correction: Pres. Obama is an accomplished politician and campaigner - NOT a leader.


And Reggie Love is just a traveling companion LOL!!!!!


"Bodyman" huh? :)

Maybe they had a 'lover's spat'?

Who's BHO's bodyman now or isn't he in the dating circle?

I see BHO had another "bodyman" before Love:




Liberal Tactics when the Messiah is busted:

1) Claim Racism
2) Claim Fabrication
3) Claim Racism
4) Claim GWB was worse
5) Claim Racism

And is all else fails, claim racism!

The Big Dog's back

'I'm not racist': Common claim after racial slurs
THURSDAY, 23 MAY 2013 16:47
It's almost a cliche. First, someone talking about blacks makes reference to fried chicken, watermelon, monkeys or dogs — or even uses the indefensible N-word. Then, along with the inevitable apology, comes the kicker: I'm not racist.


Yep. Claim racism. It's your only option at this point.

AJ Oliver

Well, I'm a leftie, but I try to stick to reality and facts.
Obama's war on whistle blowers and message intercepts from AP (& FOX? OMG!) are wrong, and violate his campaign promises.
Bradley Manning, a national hero, has already spent four years in prison awaiting trial. Like Dan Ellsberg, all he did was release info that we all have a right to know - like the "collateral killings" tape.
Around the country on June 1st there will be actions in defense of Manning.
If I organize one in Sandusky, will you be there?

The Big Dog's back

I agree AJ, he shouldn't be in prison.

AJ Oliver

I made a mistake above. Manning has been imprisoned for three years, not four, awaiting trial. What happened to his Sixth Amendment right to a "speedy trial".
Here is a very good explanation of the case.
I hope he gets the Nobel Prize, which he deserves far more than Kissinger or . . .?

And BTW, no way should the 501c4 code be used to hide anonymous political donations, which it does now. It makes secret foreign campaign spending on our elections de facto legal.
Ridiculous !!


AJ Oliver writes:

"...no way should the 501c4 code be used to hide anonymous political donations,"

Like it or not it's part of our Byzantine tax code. Don't like it - change it.

Comes with the territory when the U.S. embraces Marxist progressive income taxation and the govt. chooses winners and losers.

The U.S. can't wait to get its hands on Julian Assange as well. Political cockroaches prefer dark corners.


It was changed. I want to know by whom. The description was changed from "exclusively non political" to "predominantly non political" social activity. No political action group should be able to claim tax exemption and all donations to these groups should be public.


@ eriemom:

Again: If you don't like it; seek to change it.

If it were up to me, we'd have some form of national consumption tax and the IRS would cease to exist.

IMO, far too much power has flowed to non-elected little pencil necked bureaucrats in DC. Unfortunately, I expect it to only get WORSE.

The Big Dog's back

Do we really have to endure one more day of weak chinned, spineless Democratic leadership apologizing and being victimized over the IRS teabag story? Is Harry Reid alive and breathing in that shaky, aging body structure? Is he still alive enough to rally his team and begin saying the obvious? That it is good for the IRS, if they were doing their job and targeting a group of would-be tax frauds that were determined to commit fraud on taxpayers through hundreds of 501(c)(4) scams.

After the conservative corporate stooges on the US Supreme Court left us with Citizens United, the number of Tea party, Tea citizen, Tea patriotic, Tea crazy, Tea Fascist 501(c)(4) applications spiked in the system because that is what the Koch brother billionaire crowd wanted to happen.

This new bunch of C4 lunatics were going to the IRS in record numbers asking to qualify as nonpolitical, social welfare groups. So you could give them your tax money to perpetrate their racist, anti-government, anti-Obama, anti-women, anti-environment, anti-union, anti-decency agenda.

They were telling the IRS that they were a social welfare group just like Karl Rove’s crossroads GPS C4 That incredibly Still has its tax-free status even after spending tens of millions of dollars trying to unseat Democrats all over America. Crossroads was supposed to be one of those Do-good, charitable, social welfare groups. But in truth it is nothing more than an extension of Karl Rove’s sick and ugly brain. Unleashed on all of us while all of us give the little turd blossom a tax break to do it.


Thanks for the proof that you can't think for yourself. LOL.


The Big Dog's back

For the Queen err king of Youtube videos, you have little room to talk.


Big difference Cupcake.

You just copy and paste. I provide 'some' commentary PLUS a link.

Without a link, it's plagiarism. ‘Course socialists want everything FREE. :)

Where's YOUR link?

The Big Dog's back

Nice Nazi hate rant site!

Not surprised to see that a member of the Kennedy crime family is connected with it.

That's just your same hate video I previously linked to YouTube.

Also, if you post without quotation marks, you're trying to hand off someone else's work as your own - that's plagiarism.


What a joke.

The Big Dog's back

Socialists want everything free? Really? Who doesn't want to pay taxes? Look in the mirror cupcake.


"You just copy and paste. I provide 'some' commentary PLUS a link"
(Oh, la- di- da!)

You're commentaries are the ranting and ravings of a drunken man("Dewars or Johnny Walker Red - later in the day"... At 6 am?...) and your links stink.
Also, you copy and paste. Who do you think you're kidding? Kottage Kat?

Kottage Kat

Awwwww leave him alone, he does not fool me,nor does it matter
I could give a toads toenail
Just read and often learn
Have safe weekend


No, he's a nasty person who needs to be challenged.


Oops! All is not well in the "socialist paradise":


How could that be?