George Will: Obama in 2014

May 14, 2013


Thirty-one months ago Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell affronted the media and other custodians of propriety by saying something common-sensical.


   On Oct. 23, 2010, he said: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”


   He meant that America needed conservative change from the statist course of Obama’s presidency (the stimulus, Obamacare, etc.), therefore America needed a president who would not veto such change.


   By similar reasoning, Obama today could sensibly say, and probably to himself has said, that the single most important thing he wants to achieve now is for Democrats to win control of the House in 2014. That redoubt of conservatism is an insuperable obstacle to the change he favors — ever-larger government as an instrument of wealth redistribution.


   How will his objective shape policy debates this year? And what are the chances of Democrats taking the House? The answers are: Considerably and minimal.



Dear Lord the SR is just trying to keep the forum going by these articles. Beating the dead horse much?


Benghazi, IRS and now the AP story?

The last one ain't gonna endear Mr. Obama to his friends in the media who he DESPARATELY needs in order to help give him political cover.

What’s the next shoe to drop on this political centipede? The ObamaCare mandates comin' in 2014?

Perhaps in terms of effectiveness, Mr. Obama WAS a one-term president, because at roughly four months into his second term, this one increasingly looks like a disaster.

Can you say: Lame duck?


I want to know if he is going to take his Job Tour to West Virginia?

John Harville

Benghazi still is the same lame non-story.
No one shrieked when the IRS investigated Green Peace and other 'left' groups. Why are 'Citizens United -inspired' 501 C 5 fake groups to have special privileges not afforded to 501 C 3 groups?
Now you're defending the Lamestream media?
Keep praying for the disaster.


And Watergate was 'just' a break-in. :)

BTW: It's 501(c)(4).

The scandals seem to be coming "fast and furious" these past couple of weeks. :)


501(C)(5) Are Union Fake Groups.


Watched a little MSNBC last night. Even the commie talking heads were 'lightly' b*tchin' about the AP story.


They have covered for him for so long but now he is coming after their own.


Benghazi a non-story. Why the cover up of a non-story????? The IRS should not target any group just because they are on the left or right the same with the news media no matter where they stand they should be left alone.


Ah yes, the usual suspects are at it again.


Obama, Holder, Lerner? Yes they are.

They are the poster children for corruption in government.


Over the past few months the comments on this site have made me realize that Sandusky will probably never be a good town again. The thought process and comprehension of most here (not you contango)leads me to believe that a bright future is not in Sandusky.

The Big Dog's back

So funny the right wingnuts are defending the "Liberal" media. "Obama AP". Remember? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The Big Dog's back

The IRS Commissioner was a BUSH appointee. AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The Big Dog's back

And Benghazi? The Repubs cut funding for US Consulates. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The Big Dog's back



The basement dweller is going off the deep end.

I hope you take your medical card to Firelands to get the help you need. And quick!


YIKES! Reads like he's meltin' down with his false Messiah.

The ignorant lil' troll doesn't even live in OH.


Let's hope he goes to whatever facility near him and gets the lobotomy he needs before it is too late

The Big Dog's back



Benghazi pales into comparison to the socialism Obama and the rest of the liberals are implementing. Unfortunately, we can't expect the GOP to do any better.


Will thinks that the GOP is on the verge of not only maintaining a majority in the House, but regaining the Senate. His mistake is that he fails to acknowledge that a huge reason many State races went to Republicans is rampant gerrymandering. Unfortunately for Republicans, you can't gerrymander on a National basis, which is why they continue to lose National elections.

The reality is that the GOP is built around a shrinking demographic, and are led by people who quite often paddle their boat in the opposite direction of what a decided majority of Americans want. The recent vote on background checks for guns is a prime example. A Bill Maher said, "90% of Americans favor universal background checks for gun sales, which means that even people who can't pass background checks favor them". Do GOP leaders who suckle at the NRA teat think we voters won't remember how they voted, come next election?


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coasterfan writes:

"Do GOP leaders who suckle at the NRA teat think we voters won't remember how they voted, come next election?"

I don't think that they were countin' on your vote anyway. :)

Reads like you're off your usual rant game and flailing a bit.

Regain' the Senate?

ANOTHER favorite Dem candidate says: Adios!

Good to see that a former aide of tax cheat Tom Daschle is pickin' up the slack.


"Jon Stewart Destroys Obama Over The IRS Scandal":

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