Parker: Are you Hispanic enough?

May 10, 2013


Excerpt: Enough with this “enough” business.

Latest to the question of whether a person is sufficiently identifiable as belonging to a particular demographic is Ted Cruz — the conservative Texas senator who happens to be of Hispanic descent.

But is he Hispanic enough? For what, his family taco recipe? Before you send in the sensitivity police, permit me to finish, por favor.

The suggestion that Cruz might not qualify as a representative Hispanic comes from a fellow Hispanic, former U.N. Ambassador and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

Richardson was asked whether Cruz, who opposes immigration reform as currently proposed, represents most Hispanics with his views. Richardson replied:

“Almost every Hispanic in the country wants to see immigration reform. No, I don’t think he should be defined as a Hispanic.”

Translation: If you disagree with the consensus of the demographic to which you belong, whether black, female, gay, Hispanic or whatever, then you are essentially not part of the conversation. At least not the one that matters -- the vote-organizing constituency.

President Obama suffered similarly from a not-blackenough trope that began circulating when he first emerged as the potential Democratic candidate. His truly African-American bona fides aside, his civil rights resume was lacking and his ancestors hadn’t been slaves. What could the son of a Kenyan know about being a black American?



Somebody needs to explain to me why it is that ethnicity matters at ALL, let alone in diversity of opinion! Those on the left (most especially) champion diversity, yet anybody who has an opinion that goes counter to the "party" line is ostracized, castigated, criticized, or even, yes, accused of not being "enough" of whatever the criteria of the moment happens to be.

It's no less racist (or unreasonable) to claim that if you're Hispanic you MUST support open immigration than it is to pretend that all Norwegians are blonde, those of Polish descent are stupid, or all black people like watermelon. Did it never occur to these critics that skin color just MIGHT not have anything to do with the facts? With personal preferences/tastes? Of COURSE not!

And now, since I DO happen to be white, I suppose there's somebody out there who will suggest I'm racist just because I don't think race ought to matter...


Why do you need educated about why race matters? Race has always mattered because whites have the very false self opinion that their race makes them superior. It doesn't nor does anyone else's race. Who is suggesting or supporting "open immigration"? They are here of many different races. Lots of them do work and pay taxes. All you need is a TIN. Sometimes it is about culture not race. There is nothing wrong with supporting your race or calling out those that don't.


Well if this isn't the most biased ignorant statement I have heard in a long time. Whites have the opinion their race is superior? Really? Proof please that all whites are like this, or even the vast majority or even a decent fraction?

"There is nothing wrong with supporting your race or calling out those that don't" when blacks don't agree with something a white man purposes....its okay to call them out purely on race? Wow, talk about being a true hypocrite.

Your words cease to amaze me. You are the definition of a racist....or reverse racist. Pick whichever floats your boat.

The Big Dog's back

Ahhhhhh the Constitution affirmed that Whites were superior, that is until the Amendments.


and how long ago was that? Slavery ended how long ago? Civil Rights long ago?

Try sticking to todays topics and times.


Initially Sen. Cruz was a long shot.

He defeated the Repubs handpicked candidate with the support of people like Sarah Palin.

So far, I like what I hear from the man.

God Bless Texas.


Ted Cruz - Texan , by way of Canada ,and of Hispanic descent . Where are the birthers ? This needs to be investigated to it's fullest , Mr. Trump !!! ; ))))


And that would be why? Sen. Cruz is not eligible to run for POTUS.

The Big Dog's back

Wow winnie. So now now your for a transplanted Canadian. Wow, just wow.


I suppose to some people , it is more comforting to have elected officials that they feel have some skin in the game ( forgive the pun ) . It isn't too hard to believe that if you elect a person of your specific race , that they will represent you in a true manner , but in politics it almost always comes down to politicians representing themselves and their careers first . Being an a$$hole crosses all racial lines and walks of life .


Thank you Bluto i cant say it any better.