Hoefert: Obama, Bambino and healthy pay days

Apr 10, 2013


President Obama strikes out, again

Babe Ruth, “The Sultan of Swat”, was paid $80,000 by the New York Yankees for his 1930 season.

That amounted to $5,000 more than President Hoover received for his 1930 season. When it was pointed out to “The Bambino” by reporters that he was making more than the president, “The Babe” retorted:

“So what? I had a better year than he did.”

President Obama, according to Celebrity NetWorth, before incentives and perks kick in, will earn $400,000 this season while approximately 750 MLB players will earn, at the very least, $480,000 and this season.

How does it reason that 750 MLB players are making $80,000 more than the president of the USA?

Perhaps the reason is, President Obama struck out more than they did.

Just like he did last week when he publicly stated, oops, I mean when his Press Secretary Jay Carney publicly stated late Wednesday:

“The president has decided that to share in the sacrifice being made by public servants across the federal government that are affected by the sequester, he will contribute a portion of his salary back to the Treasury.”

Swing, and a miss.

What President Obama is saying , err, what Press Secretary Carney is saying President Obama is saying if Congress does not reach an agreement soon to undo the cuts caused by the sequester many federal workers could be forced to take a furlough, unpaid leave and as your president.

Look what I can afford to do! Take a 5 percent pay cut.




That's OK. He'll just take an extra $2 million vacation to make up for it.

looking around

Well I don't see any Republicans sharing the pain!


Nor any Democrats in Congress either.


I do not understand why the SR lets you keep writing these inane articles. Must have some really slow newsdays.


One need only look at the columns written by Rufus Sanders to know why.


Brain on drugs. Ask Herion county knucklehead.


Chuck, find something else you may be good at. Your "humor" column stinks.


Let's see...he lives entirely at taxpayer expense, including those multi-million dollar vacations, campaign circuses, etc. He has no rent, no grocery bill, no mortgage, no healthcare costs, and I'll bet he hasn't paid a nickle in greens fees, either. And he wants to share the pain so he cuts 5% from over $400 THOUSAND in pure "profit" annually? The man doesn't have the remotest clue what "pain" is!

Sorta like Mr. Hoefert hasn't the slightest idea what "humor" is.


Sounds like Republican politicians, except they're NOT taking any pay cut.


Do you think he should get a part-time job at McDonalds to support himself ?


Except for one thing: THEY'RE not pretending to identify with the "little people" or that they feel anybody else's pain! And since you've seen fit to note that Republicans haven't stepped forward to take pay cuts, neither have any Democrats. Guess not everybody can be the Hypocrite-in-Chief!


Only Republicans can be the Hypocrite-in-Chief!


Tell which Dems in Congress are taking a pay cut? Should only take you a second to come up with the word none.


How many Republicans in any branch are taking a cut?


Nancy Pelosi already was on record saying that Congress simply cannot bear to be forced to take a pay cut because it would really take away from the job they are doing.



Closer to home people like Jerry Stackhouse used our money. Owner of Metro housing. Won't you help him? How'd he vote?


We are talking about Obie and Congress....try to stay on track.......I know, I know...its hard.


Meh. Obama has taken vacation no more than any other President. Prior to 9/11, Bush actually vacationed more days than he worked that year. I think we all know how that worked out... At least Bush had the good sense to go quietly to his room after leaving office, to ponder just how badly he screwed things up.