Taking God out of Easter

Apr 5, 2013


Excerpt: Billions of Christians around the world celebrated Easter last Sunday, but not our media.

Once again the holiest day of the Christian year slipped under their godless radar.

I saw Easter pop up in the news a only few times last weekend, but the stories had nothing to do with God or religion, or the importance to Christianity of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Easter “news” was Easter egg hunts. ABC and USA Today covered the 135th annual White House Easter Egg Roll like it was a nuclear arms treaty.

An Easter egg hunt in Seattle things turned bloody when two mothers got in a nasty fight after one pushed the other’s child. And the big Easter story out of Minnesota was that an egg hunt had to take place in the snow.

Meanwhile, on Easter Sunday morning, ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos did its part to desecrate the holy day.

The show’s panel discussion on religion included an atheist who had complained three months ago that President Obama was wrong to speak of Jesus Christ at the memorial service for those killed in Newtown, Conn.

Marking Easter Day without mentioning its importance to Christians reminded me of something my father Ronald Reagan once said: “If we cease to be one nation under God, we’ll be a nation gone under.” My father understood that the whole planet closely watches the actions of the United States. We’re seen by the rest of the world as a godly nation. If we’re not leading the way, if we’re not serving as a good role model for the rest of the countries in the world, then who will? Russia? China? If you don’t believe the world is watching us, here’s a little story about a man I met on the plains of Kenya. I was staying at the Mara Safari Club when one of the Maasai warriors who worked there came up to me. “Are you Ronald Reagan’s son?” he asked. “Yes,” I said. “I’ve seen you on TV on Larry King,” he explained. I looked around me at the empty savannah and thought, “How in the world did he see me on CNN here in the middle of Africa?” “You’re the Christian,” the Maasai man said. “Yes.” “You have a brother, Ron.” “Yes.” “He’s an atheist, isn’t he?”


“I’ve seen him too on Larry King.”

Then the Maasai man asked me if I talked to my brother, Ron.

“Not often.” I said.

“The next time you talk to him,” the Maasai said, “tell him that there’s a Maasai warrior that prays for him every single day in Africa.”

As a Christian, and someone who was not praying for my brother and sisters every day at that time, I suddenly felt about an inch tall. Because of that encounter I do pray for them now.



Like Christmas, Easter has become a commercial holiday that is full of the imaginary and lacking in any real substance.



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your babies Daddy

Easter and other religious holidays are as religious as you want to make them. I have personally never had anybody tell me they were offended because I wish them a Merry Christmas.


There are people on both sides of the issue who take matters to extremes. Why should an atheist be offended if somebody says Merry Christmas? Why should a Christian be offended if somebody wishes them Happy Holidays? Faith is a very personal thing and none of anybody else's business. While such greetings may have a more significant meaning to the person speaking, in GENERAL terms, all they're saying is that they wish you well. That's offensive because...???

The only thing I REALLY resent is when those who adhere to ANY belief system try to shove it down my (or anybody else's) throat. Now THAT'S offensive!

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your babies Daddy

Sam Adams you are one of the very few people that post on here that actually has a brain in their head.


If you take God out of Christmas and Easter, then what exactly are you celebrating? Without God there would be neither. What right do atheist have to be offended when Christians celebrate Christian holidays?

The Bizness

You mean without Jesus there would be neither. Who knows if Jesus really was the son of god? My Atheist friends dont get offended about any holidays.


No, @TheBizness, I said what I meant and meant what I said. I believe what the Bible says, that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one. With God all things are possible. I certainly do believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

The Bizness

I was kind of saying that in sarcasm. You are free to have your own beliefs and capitalism is free to take advantage of them.


Uh actually, during the Eleventh Synod of Toledo in Spain (675 AD), the Holy Catholic Church declared The Holy Trinity - Three Persons in One God. Twern't in the bibull.


Tk I strongly advise you to watch this so you can understand a little bit more about where the Holidays come from. In fact, it would be wise for anyone making a comment to watch this and the other two parts as well..


There are many Pagan traditions associated with Christmas that have been adopted which have been around before Christmas was even named. Same thing with Easter.

Just saying... Look it up it's really pretty far out!! oh , oops, ... cool :)


Jesus wasn't even born in December. Christmas was adapted to be closer to the pagan celebrations that already existed so more people would be willing to become Christian...


While I don't support over zealous "belivers" who get to pushy, I find it more troubling to understand how "non belivers" have been able to get references to God removed from public places. Schools, Government offices, etc.

The ability for the minority to override the majority (insert topic here) makes no sense and cripples our society.

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"The ability for the minority to override the majority (insert topic here) makes no sense and cripples our society."

So, then, you're in favor of slavery, Jim Crow, forcing Jewish kids in school to pray to Jesus, lynchings, and a whole host of other majority initiatives?

What sets the USA apart is that our constitution protects the rights of the minority against mob rule.


Minorities should always have equal rights - not excessive or special rights is what I am saying. Our constitution and democracy declare all men are created equal, and Christianity teaches the same principal. There's much to be said for "united we stand, divided we fall" and with special interest groups overriding the majority, we will fall

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Special interest groups like the Senate? A state (Wyoming) with less people than most major cities has 2 Senators. In the Constitution.

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So, not having the majorities beliefs thrust upon them by the state is now a special right?

You don't seem to get it - people get hung up on "majority rule" when they develop a fetish for democracy as an end unto itself, rather than as a means to an end, which, when indulged excessively, can become destructive to that end. The Founders saw democracy as a means to liberty, and to control and limit the power of government, but it often is destructive to that end.

"Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner" - Ben Franklin.


What amazes me is that so many do not want to celebrate Christmas and Easter for what it stands for, but are willing to take it as a paid holiday.


I spend "0" time on Easter Sunday watching the news, so I couldn't care less what George Stephanopalous or anyone else in the media is broadcasting that day. Easter is the holiest of our Christian holdidays, and the day when we celebrate our risen savior. Does he really want us scanning the channels that day for fodder for your next news article? We Christians need to worry about ourselves and how we are celebrating the Lord, rather than how others are spending the day.

Pterocarya frax...

I kept reading these comments and was amazed that no one was getting the real point. Thank you Justme, for recognizing that Mr. Reagan is:

"looking for Christ in all the wrong places".

Just Because

What I don't understand is why we have to remove "God" from everything because it could possibly offend others. What about the millions of Christians NOW being offended?

The Big Dog's back

If "christians" wouldn't have tried to shove their beliefs down everyone's throats there probably wouldn't be such a fuss.


If good friday represents when jesus died, and easter represents when he was resurrected, the bible states that three days lapsed between the two occurences, yet easter is only 2 days after good friday? Easter is yet another pagan holiday the christians chose to adopt to gain more followers.

The Answer Person

I guess the writer of this article is too busy being crabby and hateful to recognize that He is everywhere and that people who are trying to keep their job (just like the writer of the article) by blathering crapola just to make themselves look important. A REALLY stupid and judgemental article without any point at all. Th holidays are what YOU make them. Not what WalMart, news anchors and judgemental krystyuns TELL you they are.

Life...get one.


wow, speaking of being crabby.....


Yep, exactly correct. Its ironic and sad that Reagan would spend the holiest of days looking for reasons (on TV!) to be angry at others.


Reagan comes across thoughtful and insightful, I see nowhere any expression of anger or hate. I for one appreciate his message that shows how the media has such a strong influence on the public by what they report, and don't report


Sorry, but I disagree. If you are truly celebrating Easter you aren't watching the news and moaning about its contents. I just think its ironic that he's irritated about the meaning of Easter being lost, yet that's what he did on Easter Sunday morning. I am a devout Christian, and I don't need the media to help me celebrate holy days. The media didn't influence me at all last Sunday because I had better things to do. Too bad it influenced him. He should have turned it off.

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Michael Reagan=Hate. To bad he can't be more like his brother Ron.


The people who came to this land and later settled it, came here looking for a place to practice freedom of their religion in part. Later, during the formation of this government, one of the things they used in the language on monuments AND on our money is "in God we trust". And yet they were also quick to remind us all that there should be a separation between church and state, unlike the country from which they came. A fundemental difference of Old England.

Today, we still fight that battle, yet the basic roots of church and state were separated from the start of our country and should stay that way.

No one should have to be FORCED to agree or disagree with a religion or religous belief of any kind should they not wish to do so. It should not take an act of Congress or any law one way or the other for a person to decide that.

If a commercial on TV wants to mention the religious notion of God or Jesus, that is their choice. For those who don't believe, then don't watch or listen. For those who do believe, then pay attention. Everyone seems to make way too much out of something simple. It's not like you cannot change the channel to something else if you don't like what you see on the screen instead of watching it.

No one is forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to do, nor are they making you listen. You are not forced into a chair or locked into a room during any holiday.

Each person has the right to think, feel and decide on their own. Do so. No one is stopping anyone from that right. To take this so seriously that writers and commentators have to belabor it like this writer does, shows a complete lack of something better to write about. Whoa is him for his insight.

As for me, I think I will finish reading Corinthinans. I need a refresher course on loving. LOL


Don't blame the media. Something that happened two thpusand years ago isn't news.