America tiptoes toward war

Mar 28, 2013


Excerpt: As America tiptoes toward a fourth intervention in an opaque and uncontrollable conflict — now Syria, after Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya — Webb’s words require two minor modifications: Obama has demonstrated a power, not an authority; only the Constitution authorizes. And as Webb understands, Obama has been able to do so only because Congress, over many years, has become too supine to wield its constitutional powers.

Webb, a Virginia Democrat who declined to seek a second Senate term, vents his dismay in the essay “Congressional Abdication” (in The National Interest), a trenchant indictment of the irrelevance of an institution to which the Constitution gives “certain powers over the structure and use of the military.”

The president, Webb says, is commander in chief but only in “executing policies shepherded within the boundaries of legislative powers.” Those powers have, however, atrophied from a disuse amounting to institutional malfeasance as Congress has forfeited its role in nationalsecurity policymaking.

Webb, who was a Marine infantry officer in Vietnam and Navy secretary for Ronald Reagan, remembers when Congress was “fiercely protective of its powers.” Webb vigorously opposed the invasion of Iraq before he entered the Senate, which he departed disgusted by Congress’ self-made irrelevance.

In December 2008, in its final hours, George W. Bush’s administration signed with Iraq a Strategic Framework Agreement that was, Webb says, “not quite a treaty” requiring two-thirds Senate approval, but neither was it merely implementing current policy and law. It outlined the U.S. role in defending Iraq from internal and external threats, in promoting reconciliation and combating terrorist groups.



Like I said.....sucked into the Middle East, no-end-in-sight war. Get out. Get out now!


Agree with you 100%. When I think of all our young people who have lost their lives fighting "no win" wars, it makes me sick. Keep our young people and our money at home. If they come for us, then defend America to the death. Not before.
This is not saying that I do not respect our military, just that I think we need to make better decisions before going into war. It is like people taking sides in a argument between their neighbors. Before long, no one is getting along.


Will SOMEONE please Tell President, Congress, Senators, American can NOT afford another WAR helping ISRAEL, the Profiteers from the LAST two wars have NOT paid there BILL.


This Saturday is Vietnam Veteran's Day. Don't forget to fly your flag.
Thank you to all who have served.


why is it always our country that thinks it has to patrol the world ? in the meantime we are going broke and nobody will come to our aid ! this country is going right down the tubes and our own government doesn't even seem to care about it's own citizens. this country is dying a slow death !


Much of the middle east hates the U.S.A. We cant save the world, we cant even fix our own problems.

Darwin's choice

Obama is not the answer.....


Who is the answer?

Darwin's choice

Who do you think is ?


Definitely not Charles Darwin.


@Darwin's choice

You tell me.
You made the declaration.
If Obama is not the answer, obviously you must know someone who is.


I thought so... you were just trolling again.
Typical Right Wing hater-- accusations and no answers.


When did the USA decide it had the money to defend the entire world during any war that was being held? For that matter, who decided that it was ok for us to randomly decide to send our young men and women off to die on foreign soils for a war we had no business being in in the first place? Call it what you want: a police action, a skirmish or any other platitude, its still a war.

I never did understand Viet Nam, Korea or any other of the wars since Viet Nam and still do not. Waste of life and money on something we have no business sticking out noses in and wasting young lives to fight for is still a grave waste. When is this country going to get smart and beef up our own shores first and worry about the rest of the world next?

This is just another President gone wild with the power to think, like two Bushs before him, that sending troops to the middle east for the sake of Isreal, that it is ok to waste American lives on Middle Eastern soil for the sake of Isreal's defense is the right thing to do. It isn't. Wars don't fix the economy. They make it worse contrary to some party beliefs. Stop it now, bring the troops home and start beefing up our own shores before we can't.


Obama's administration most recently and QUIETLY handed out 500 million to the Palestinian Authority during these so called HARD TIMES AND CUTS! Where is the media outrage on this? To think of all these jobs that could be saved for 500 MILLION. If this was a Republican, you can bet your butt CNN MSNBC, NR, SR....etc would all have this out for everyone to see and the response by the posters would be so filled with hate.

So where are the liberals on this topic? Troll some more liberals, troll on.