What Would Jesus Text?

Mar 27, 2013


Excerpt: In the midst of Holy Week imagine if, as prophesied in the book of Matthew along with various other gospels of the New Testament, Jesus returned. 

Given the current condition of the world, WWJT?

What would Jesus tweet?

With more the 7 billion walking the earth, Jesus using Twitter could reach more people now than the mere estimated 20 million back in the days when he first walked earth.


Good 2 B Me

@SonOfGod: Jesus in da hizzle!! #JustKidding #ImMadeUp #TheGreatHoax


@Good2BeMe #TimesUp # BringLotsOf IceWater

Good 2 B Me

#ReligionIsHoakey #DontJudgeMeSinceIDontBelieveInYourGod


#IDontJudgeYou #ScriptureJudgesYou #BringIceWater #Lots!

Phil Packer

No way could Jesus afford a cell phone.


Sorry about the Kardashians.


moral of the story....dont be an ass


Hopefully he would say he's sorry for allowing woman & children to be beaten, raped, molested, murdered, kidnaped...... Oh wait......there never was a Jesus, it's all a MADE UP STORY!


Jesus Christ wouldn't text, nor would he waste senseless time on Facebook or Twitter.

A holy man would spend a lot of time in meditation and working to help others. Why text when talking to a fellow human being is so much better?


He would text "your coming with me". And I firmly believe that.

thinkagain's picture

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Eph 2 8-10



Render on to Caesar what is Caesars, pay your taxes, or face jail time . Be fruitful and multiply, The catholic church loves S. America [catholic baby mill] drink lots of wine, feed the masses[intitlements] open your home to strangers,[get robbed] give the shirt off your back,[more taxes] save the world[more taxes] Send out missionaries into the world,support them w/ donations , basically give,give and give.Dont support birth control, use up resources ,after all I am coming and we will live in paradise forever, Duh,not......

The Big Dog's back

He would text "Sorry I made right wingers".

Colonel Angus

He would tweet: I'm was a 33 yr old man that was NEVER with a woman and hung out with 13 guys! #QueenOfTheJews


@ColonelAnus #TimesUp # BringLotsOf IceWater


I believe in Jesus. I believe that there is one person who gave a great message and a lot of people forget it. As Rodney King said "why can't we all just get along". Right wingers, left wingers, black, white, Jews, Gentiles, etc. We are all God's children. If Jesus would text, his message would probably be "why don't you listen to me?"


He would text " Should have left the dinosaurs in charge ; ))) "


Text : so many lost sheep, need a GPS (God Provides Salvation)