At the Library we work with a lot of small business owners, whether it’s introducing them to social media and website tools, providing resources for securing grants, or just offering a space and equipment for them to work.

11:00 AM Aug 21, 2013

Rumors have been swirling around all summer regarding the new Apple iPhone lineup after iOS 7 was announced in June.

11:00 AM Aug 14, 2013

We’re venturing into the dog days of summer, which signifies that school is kicking back up in a couple of weeks. This is usually the time when students are looking for the latest technology to help them succeed in the upcoming school year.

11:12 AM Aug 7, 2013

Over the past year, one of the most popular technologies to be designed and launched from the United Kingdom is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard — Raspberry Pi.

10:54 AM Jul 31, 2013

I've been a long-time user of streaming music services — from Pandora in college, to a monthly subscriber of Rhapsody while I was commuting from Cleveland to Sandusky, to Songza which I currently listen to at home and work.

11:00 AM Jul 24, 2013

Cutting the cable cord

11:00 AM Jul 17, 2013

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Game Theory, Introduction to Python, or even the Science of Gastronomy?

11:00 AM Jul 10, 2013

Over the weekend I had the opportunity along with other Sandusky Library staff members to attend the American Library Association’s annual conference.

11:05 AM Jul 3, 2013

Last week the folks at Instagram, a popular photo sharing app available for Android and iOS users, rolled out an update to allow video sharing.

11:00 AM Jun 26, 2013

As you scroll through your Facebook news feed this week, you might notice something different at the end of your friend’s status — hashtags.

11:00 AM Jun 19, 2013


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