Taylor adds two servings of protein to every meal

FIT Staff
Aug 26, 2014


This past week has been pretty tough.

I'm still struggling with cigarettes.

I have noticed my breathing has become more difficult as I smoke less.

I hear it's part of the physical addiction of smoking.

I've decided to use the patch because studies show that long-term success is higher when an aide is used.

I'm going to cut back smoking first so the patch will actually have an effect. They don't make patches for two-pack-a-day smokers.

I know as long as I keep pushing through it, I will win this battle because in the end the results are what count.

This past week I've been adding two servings of lean protein to every meal.

I have noticed it helps to make me feel more full. Now I take vitamins and fish oil in the morning. I also drink two liters of water a day and now the protein.

My personal trainer Ken Cutcher of Huron Anytime Fitness will be adding another habit this week. 



I applaud you again. Cutting down on the number of smokes per day is a HUGE step!!!! Keep at it!

Hollie Newton

Quitting smoking is WAY harder than going to the gym. But eventually you will have to quit because you won't be able to breathe. It's a win/win! lol


Go Ross!!! You can do it!!!! You are the MAN!


Keep up the good work