Where is poster for perpetrators?

Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 24, 2014


If I venture to Put-in-Bay, it isn't for the same reasons as most people. I'm working.

When I entered the Put-in-Bay Police Department recently to gather police reports, I noticed a new poster hanging next to its service window. It's clearly geared toward the island's typical patrons.

It depicts a woman seated at a bar, with an ominous man slipping some sort of drug into her drink, and it reads "Don't Turn Your Back — ACT!"

The Ohio Department of Public Safety distributed the signs to encourage bystander intervention.

It's not news to most local people that Put-in-Bay has experienced a slew of issues with drugged alcoholic drinks this summer, which primarily affect women.

The poster's message, although important, is hardly news to those women. As I stood in the department, I couldn't help but think something was missing.

Where is the poster telling men — or whoever is allegedly drugging individuals in Put-in-Bay — to stop distributing drugs?

If officials are going to advocate individuals protecting themselves from a potential problem, perhaps they should also acknowledge the source of the problem is at fault. The victim or careless bystander is not to blame.

Unfortunately, that message isn't syndicated too often. 


Don Lee

The sort of person who'll slip someone else a Mickey isn't likely to heed a poster. Unfair as it sounds (and is), it's up to the innocent to be wary and ready to defend.


Yep, its just like driving a car, you always have to watch out for the "other guy". Pay attention and play good defense.


Trying to advocate good defense. I would think potential victims would listen to these messages more.