Caged bird cuts off cruiser's computer

Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 3, 2014

A caged bird wasn't convicted of any crimes, but still took a ride in a police cruiser this past week.

It seems the once innocent cockatoo ruffled a few feathers during the trip.

Maybe criminal charges are impending?

While compiling the Sandusky police blotter this weekend, I came across a comical police report regarding the now infamous pet cockatoo.

The bird apparently gnawed through some wires in the back of the vehicle, damaging them and disconnecting the cruiser's computer and GPS systems.

Police placed the cockatoo in their cruiser after its owner crashed Friday evening while drunkenly driving with the caged bird in her car.

Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said he agreed they could transport the bird to the Sandusky Police Department until a sober person could arrive to pick it up.

Soon after, an officer driving the cruiser alerted him of the damage.

It seems Orzech is in good spirits about the incident, as he posted a message about it on the department's Facebook page this weekend.

"The bird has escaped without any charges," he said. "We will consult with the prosecutor on Monday."



They should drug test the bird. Might have had priors.


maybe someone should not use the word impending when it should be no charges are pending.

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Alissa Widman Neese

Worddrow811, it was meant in jest. This is reporter's notebook is just for fun, especially since Chief Orzech was being such a good sport about it.


Thanks for the laugh! Cute story. :)

sandtown born a...

So the wires for said equipment are accesible in the back seat??? Does this sound right for a cop car?