Murray: No break expected or received in speeding stop

Tom Jackson
Apr 21, 2014


Last week, as I was reading an Ohio Highway Patrol report on a trooper punished for giving a break to a speeding motorist, one sentence jumped out at me. A union representative, pleading the trooper’s case, remarked that professional courtesy decisions used to be common in the highway patrol.
The union rep said there used to be a “standing order” that speeding tickets were never given to members of Ohio’s state legislature. I phoned Dennis Murray, a Sandusky attorney, a member of the Sandusky City Commission and former state representative, to ask about that alleged standing order.

Murray replied by telling me about the speeding ticket he received when he was pulled over driving late at night on Ohio 4, trying to get home. The trooper was completely professional, Murray said. At the time, Murray had a state lawmaker license plate on his car.

His automobile also displayed a bumper sticker denouncing Senate Bill 5, an anti-union measure bitterly opposed by law enforcement labor unions. The trooper said nothing about any of that but simply handed Murray his speeding ticket.

“I expected nothing and received nothing,” Murray said. “I paid the ticket.” The attorney added it was the only speeding ticket he’s received in about the past 15 years.


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How fast was he going over the speed limit? I'm guessing over 15 mph. Am I right?

If so he'd should be happy it was just a speeding ticket and not reckless operation violation. Guessing the bumper sticker did help him.

Julie R.

And this is news that a cop didn't give a Murray a break on a speeding ticket?

Gee, I'm impressed.


they gave him a ticket for speeding, but gave him a break on the "criminal indicators"..

Ralph J.

Mickeylikesit is a riot. LOL! Criminal indicators.

Steve P

This is news worthy why? Answer to promote a Murray, another example of the Register bias for their favorites. Can you imagine if this was a Sandusky County official getting a ticket, the Register would file for public records to find some sort of ongoing behavior that the feel a need to uncover.

Julie R.

A better story would be --- do the Murrays get treated with the same unlawful disrespect at the Erie County courthouse as the average citizens or do they get a break?


How does this guy get elected to anything ? seems most folk don't like him. Lol

Licorice Schtick

Where do you get your information? Murray got 25% more votes than the runner-up and more that twice that of the second runner-up. Go ahead and run, fool, and find out how many people like you. Lol yourself.


you people are idiots get a life


you're right here with us..


I wouldn't vote for a Murry for anything...... crooks.....


Sticks and Stones, Sticks and Stones.