First Zephyr album to be re-released

Tom Jackson
Apr 7, 2014


Boulder, Colo., rock band Zephyr dates back to the late 1960s and early 1970s, and its former members have scattered to other locations, including Sandusky. But the band still enjoys a loyal following, and its first album, “Zephyr,” will be re-released this summer, said David Givens, who played bass for the band and wrote many of its tunes.

Givens, now a Sandusky resident, met or played with many famous musicians during the band’s heyday.

Jimi Hendrix was a nice guy, he says. So were Jethro Tull members Martin Barre and Glenn Cornick, although “the flute player” (e.g. Ian Anderson) was less easy to be around. Members of Zephyr went on to play with acts such as Firefall, Gram Parsons and Carole King, but the band’s best-known former member was legendary guitarist Tommy Bolin, who went on to play with the James Gang and Deep Purple, and who made solo records before his death, at age 25, from a drug overdose in 1976. Bolin still enjoys a cult following on the Internet.

“Tommy was really a talented, gifted person,” Givens said. Once, in a music store, Bolin picked up an acoustic guitar and began to play.

A small crowd attracted by the sounds soon gathered around Bolin. “He was an amazing guitar player,” Givens said.



I sought out the first Zephyr album back in the late eighties because of Tommy Bolin playing in the band. I have not heard even a mention of this band in thirty years. I have to wonder what path led Givens to settle in Sandtown? This seems like a partial article.
Perhaps the whole interview is in the print edition?
Do you still play the bass David and do you have a band that gigs locally?
From what's published here, this article is more about Bolen than Givens. Thank you Sandusky Register for the tidbit that is printed here anyway. You guys rock!