Man who gave us light had dark side

Tom Jackson
Mar 17, 2014

Glenn Beck, the talk show host and author, says he is planning to make a major motion picture that will expose inventor and Milan native Thomas Edison as a “bad man.”

Beck revealed his movie plans in an interview with National Review, posted on March 10 at the magazine’s website. The piece says,

“Another film will ‘expose the truth’ about Thomas Edison, a villain Beck thinks has gotten a break from historians and whose real story demonstrates our flawed understanding of the 20th century.

Though remembered as ‘this nice, kind of, good old Thomas,’ Beck explains, ‘he was really a bad man who was electrocuting animals.’ Edison,’was absolutely on the wrong end, and luckily for him the story ended happily with his name being taken off his own company and given to GE,’ he says. ‘And all the people he tried to destroy and screw — he was screwed.’ Beck is getting animated. ‘In the end, he was screwed, and with the same tactics he used on everybody else. I think that’s the story that needs to be told about Thomas Edison: He was a bad man.’ “




Glenn Beck is a nut case that needs to be shut up by anyone who can unplug his microphone. This guy is a menace to society and is in love with the sound of his own voice.

From the Grave

Glen who?

From the Grave

So what he's saying is that Edison invented the ruthless ashole too.


I agree, he is truly delusional in every sense of the word. He sickens me to watch him....


If it wasn't for Mr. Edison's inventions: light bulb, movie projector, power plants, et. al, Glenn Beck would still be a drunk, sitting in the dark, playing with himself.

Lord save me from the "saved."




Edison did not invent power plants...


he didn't have AC power plant that we use today Tesla made them, Edison's was DC power plant which we don't use. then i think screwed Tesla out of the business


Re: "Tesla,"

An egotistical genius with lousy business skills.

Point: Edison created the first power plants for his bulbs.

"The first public power station was the Edison Electric Light Station, built in London at 57, Holborn Viaduct, which started operation in January 1882"

Why so much work to tarnish a great man's name?

John Harville

Power plants, appliances, etc. run on ALTERNATING CURRENT discovered and developed by Tesla. Edison only had Direct Current.

Like Abraham, Moses and Noah, Edison had great PR.


Agree with Contango's assessment of Glenn Beck. :)


With 1,093 inventions....Glenn Beck is no match for Thomas Edison's intelligence let alone capable of writing any commentary worth my reading time.


At the time of his death, Mr. Edison had over 2000 notebooks with ideas that occurred to him and that he wrote down.

Tour his Milan boyhood home if you haven't.

looking around

Tour his winter estate and laboratory museum in Ft. Myers Fl as well it's a day well worth spending.


Everyone has their own perspective and opinions on people past and present. I've only heard/known about Edison's accomplishments, and boy are they amazing!
Possibly there is more to the story about Edison.

John Harville

Use your AC-powered computer and do a search on TESLA.
Then search the elephant Edison executed... predecessor of the electric chair.


How sad.

I never even gave it a second thought about Edison's personality. I knew how he grew up, and with all his inventions, I figured he was just busy creating one after another to be doing any wrong.


all my computers are dc powered. they plug into ac power, but they contain some type of rectifier, probably diodes, to convert the current to dc. much like the alternator on a car. it makes ac power and converts it to dc power using diodes..


I remember seeing a program that said edison invented the electric chair. Anyone?


Yes, and he insisted on having an audience for that too. So that everyone could watch the man being brutally tortured by a slow death. It was so repulsive that one witness vomited on site.


akin to the scene in 'The Green Mile'.


Let the guy alone. No one is perfect plus he's dead. Get a life GB!


As much as I would hate to agree with Glenn Beck, he is correct. Edison was not what our sanitized history books represent. One needs to look no further than what Edison did not Nikola Tesla to see examples of what a cheat and fraud Edison was.

Stop It



Didn't Tesla sing "Edison's Medicine"?