Plea from a local Girl Scout

Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 11, 2014


Each week I receive plenty of emails about possible story ideas — so many, it’s difficult to pursue them all.

On Friday, I received a message that tugged at my heartstrings.

Emma Meagrow, 10, an Osborne Elementary School student and six-year Girl Scout, told me this past weekend was Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, and wondered if I could publicize her cookie sales. She borrowed her mother’s email account to share the information. 

So here it is:

•Anyone interested in stocking up on cookies can call 1-888-9-THIN MINT to be connected with a local troop, such as Emma’s troop, 50373. Anyone who doesn’t place an order needn’t fret, because there will be plenty of extra boxes of cookies available at public sales in March, when orders arrive.

•Money collected from cookie sales pays for local Girl Scout camping trips, charity efforts and more, so you not only get a tasty treat, but it’s all for a great cause. On Friday, I told Emma I planned to write this reporter’s notebook about her effort, but I decided that wasn’t enough. I couldn’t resist — I asked her to put me down for a box of Thin Mints, too.



What country makes these cookies?


Made in the USA by Little Brownie Bakers Louisville, Kentucky

Darwin's choice

Don't let the SPD near them.