Woman warms crowd with coffee

Shawn Foucher
Feb 3, 2014


An unidentified woman in a red van knows the joys of java in wintertime. Friday afternoon, about 15 or so Sandusky firefighters stationed themselves along Perkins Avenue, just west of Milan Road, to await the funeral procession for former Perkins firefighter James Dickman.
The motorcade was scheduled to pass by sometime after 2 p.m. Since the Sandusky firefighters were all on the clock, a few of them had to leave to handle medical calls more than once.
An hour passed by, then two hours. It was getting cold. It was snowing.

At about 4:30 p.m., a woman pulled up in a red mini-van and stuck Wendy’s coffee cups out her window.

Fresh hot coffee — five cups, 10 cups, 20 cups or more, for bystanders and firefighters awaiting the procession.

Nobody knew her — she just stopped by to warm up the winter.


JMOP's picture

What a wonderful gesture.
Sometimes it's the little things that are most appreciated.


I observed this on Friday and was so happy to see the generosity!!! Great work :)

Dave Degnan

I am the shift commander for these firefighters and I want to thank this very generous woman for bringing coffee to us. I know the guys very much appreciated what she did for us as well as everyone else who braved the cold to be there for Jamie. I never got your name, but Thank You so much. I also wanted to thank Shawn for posting this story. Capt. Dave Degnan

Tom Sawyer

^^^^^ like!


You never know when an "angel" will visit you.


I saw someone from Dianna's Deli do the same for the firefighters that raised the flag in front of the cemetery. Excellent gestures by both. This town needs more like them.


Looks like one of the regulars at Wendy's. Almost on a daily basis about 1pm


Hope this lady gets one of your "thumbs Up" mention.