New processor honors Milan-born inventor

Tom Jackson
Jan 13, 2014


Milan native Thomas Alva Edison has received another honor.

Intel announced Jan. 6 that it has come out with a tiny new computer, the Edison, that’s the size of an SD card and runs Linux.

A report on the Edison at the Engadget website explains the idea is to get developers to show off their Edison-style ingenuity by creating new “smart” products using the new device.

States the article: “Intel is leading by example, and showed a small collection of ‘Nursery 2.0’ products using embedded Edison chips: a toy frog that reports an infant’s vitals to a parent via an LED coffee cup, for example, and a milk warmer that starts heating when another connected item (the frog, again) hears the baby cry.

Intel is also offering developers awards for a “Make it Wearable” competition. According to the article, the company will offer up to $1.3 million in prizes to developers churning out wearable tech, including a first-place prize of $500,000.

“Oh, and if you’re eyeballing Edison for your award-winning idea? It’ll be available sometime in mid-2014,” the piece says.


Stop It

Milan-born robber baron is more suitable.

Kottage Kat

Based on what information?


Edison was as close to a fraud/thief as you can get. Look at what he did to Tesla alone.

How will did DC transmission lines and concrete homes work, Tom?


Too much (bleeping) misinformation out there unfortunately leading to ignorant disparaging remarks being made about a great Ohioan.

"Nikola Tesla Wasn't God And Thomas Edison Wasn't The Devil":

This new Intel device looks really 'cool.' It's part of new 'wearable' computing technology.

We as Ohioans should be proud that Intel chose to name it's new device after one of our own.

BTW: The late Frank Lombardo once told me that when he was a child and Mr. Edison was visiting Norwalk, Mr. Edison gave him a quarter.

I wonder if any other seniors have similar stories?

Stop It

Tango...I'll tell ya what, bud. Anything that you can find a website to back your beliefs, I can find one that will refute yours. It's a matter of contemplation and faith.

I believe that Edison stole ideas from others and may have bettered them in some cases but trashed things he didn't agree with. Both AC and DC have their uses but electrocuting elephants should not be one for either side.

He had the backing of J.P. Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Henry Ford among many others.Also, he was basically an arrogant prick as many of his quotes show. Eff Thomas Edison, the coattail rider.


Re: "he was basically an arrogant prick,"

Our opinions and historical lessons obviously differ.

Have a nice day.