Snowbound: Milan reader catches trick on camera

Jessica Cuffman
Jan 13, 2014


This week in my Facebook newsfeed, friends across the state posted videos and photos of a cute deep freeze weather trick — vaporizing boiling water. One reader, Carolyn Springer, emailed me a photo of her family’s experiment in Milan. To get the best effect, she and her children added blue coloring to the hot water before tossing it into the air.

Subzero temperatures and wind chill were brutal Monday and Tuesday, leading to cancelations and delays of all kinds and keeping people holed up at home. But we found ways to entertain ourselves. Springer’s capture of the blue arc of water tossed from a measuring cup in the second it started to turn to snow was beautiful.

Another experiment: Seeing how long it takes a cracked egg to freeze outside. Springer and her kids found it took less than five minutes.



last time I caught a trick on camera I almost got charged with obscenity..


I see an awfully familiar face in that vapor blob.
Could it be......?????


I never thought about Milan...I thought all the tricks could be caught on the corner of Market and Wayne.