Health department gives Sawmill Creek vote of confidence

Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 4, 2013


When a norovirus outbreak made several dozen people sick at Sawmill Creek Resort in September, the Erie County Health Department had to come in to investigate the issue.

As a show of support for Sawmill Creek, Erie County’s health commissioner, Pete Schade, has booked a one-day management retreat for his top aides at Sawmill Creek. About 24 people will attend the Dec. 20 retreat. “We want to make sure they know we have confidence in what they’re doing over there,” Schade said. “Stuff happens.”

 — Tom Jackson

Man’s office, woman’s bathroom
On a recent trip to the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, I ventured into Sheriff Paul Sigsworth’s office to pick up some documents.

I’ve been in his office numerous times, but I saw something I’d never noticed before. In the back corner of his spacious office is a bathroom.

It seemed like quite a perk for an elected official. But upon closer look, I noticed a placard marking it as a bathroom for the opposite sex.

I asked Sheriff Sigsworth why there’s a woman’s bathroom in his office.

Sigsworth said when he began serving as sheriff in spring 2012, he didn’t want special treatment.

He wanted to use the staff bathroom like all the other guys in his office.

So, he allowed a female administrator to have the bathroom. It’s a nice gesture, and definitely a different setup.

— Andy Ouriel

Down with Beantown
Over the past few months, I’ve grown out a beard. I haven’t cut it since about mid-July.

Many sources on my beat have asked if I’m a Boston Red Sox fan. Many Red Sox have grown out their beards to create unity.

It’s worked so well that the team won the World Series. But I’m not a Boston fan.

The team wins too much, many of the players are arrogant and the fan base, in general, is annoying.

Another reason not to like them? They routinely pound the Indians, especially when they visit Cleveland.

— Andy Ouriel



Bon Appetite! No thx!


They're brown bagging it.

Raoul Duke

"Sh it happens" doesn't build my confidence...


I'll bet they are getting a HUGE discount, if you know what I mean! Just a little back scratching!