Bar patrons: Grow up already

Aug 27, 2014


Take a large group of people in a party mood. Add alcohol. Let the excitement of the night take hold. Tell them it's time to shut down. The party's over.

What do you get? All too often the answer is -- Trouble.

In recent weeks, trouble was the result when the crowd spilled out into the parking lot of a Milan Road bar at closing time. Sandusky police showed up and called in their buddies at Perkins PD, Cedar Point PD and Erie Co. Sheriff Department to join them in crowd control. On one occasion, shots were fired. On another, a just married groom spent his wedding night in jail.

At best, these after-hours revelries are a nuisance to the neighborhood. At worst, they are a danger to all present. Whichever, they are a threat to the bar owner's livelihood -- his liquor license.

The bar owner met with Sandusky Police chief John Orzech to try to figure out how to get a grip on this problem. The police have been present at the bar owners request at closing time on at least one occasion. He is trying to protect his clientele and his business.

The police have been present to help out. But the concentration of manpower from several police departments at one business is less than ideal.

More than one bar in the area has been shut down for just these reasons. We know people want to party, but if club patrons want to continue to have a good time, they have to get a grip on that closing time disturbance.

The police have done their part. The owner has done his part. Now it's time for the customers to do their part. It's not so much to ask to have a great place to party. 




I'm sure since you asked nicely and shook you're finger in disapproval, the drunk bar patrons will listen.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Julian. We thought this approach would do the trick. 

Skinny boy from...

At least you recognized that the police and the owner are doing their parts. Though I doubt the patrons will do theirs.


One cannot expect reasonable decisions from alcohol sodden brains. Stop glorifying alcohol and the party-hardy lifestyle. SR, check your pictures of how many times you have put the partiers pictures, holding their drinks up to celebrate their choice of beverage, in your paper. Humans do not NEED alcohol to have fun, they have just been conditioned to think it is so.


There are certain age and income groups where issues like this do not occur. It IS POSSIBLE to be responsible with alcohol, the problem is the people who are not are the ones who make headlines.


No, you do not NEED alcohol to have fun. But there are some people who can HANDLE alcohol and have fun without being complete idiots. I can party and hold a drink up for a picture, make a clear headed decision when it is time to go and NOT get arrested in the parking lot. I think you are talking about some people who do not have self respect or respect for others even when they are sober.


alcohol sucks




Not surprised. It has affected your brain.


Just wait until Marijuana is legal. Everyone will be more relaxed, lol.


But the fights will break out amoung those who have the munchies and aren't boycotting Burger King with those who are. It's just a vicious cycle... :}


No need to boycott BK. They are keeping their HQ in US. The power of the people. Really it is capitalism at and demand. The demand was really going to plummet.


@Fly. More relaxed and homeless. Lol


The police should take a straight forward stand supporting the bar owners and our community. Anyone who doesn't leave peacefully when instructed gets tasered, arrested and thrown in a holding cell. $100 bucks to get released and the money is directed to a specific fund, like the fire station for example. 6 arrests per night, 7 nights a week will really add up!


REGISTER learn to write above a third grade level already.


Dang first world problems!


Folks, this is the same group of people that closed DJ's. They have no respect for other people or the property of the bar. If the bar owner wants to stop this behavior, he needs to not let them in his establishment. It's pretty simple.


Very simply well said...

Skinny boy from...

And the first word out of the refused customers mouth will be "RACISIM!!" then Al and Jesse will come to town to shame the owner and city into letting these poor downtrodden souls drink and fight and shoot at each other cause it's their "right" to.


That's where you are wrong these people are not old enough to get in. You can judge which is very simple. That's the problem these dumba&&es can't get inside so they hang outside. There is security and they id.


The title of this article should be "Bar Owners: stop allowing over-serving already". Every bartender (and I used to be one) knows the more they serve the more in tips they get (usually). When you have patrons who come in at 8:00 p.m. and stay til 2:00 a.m. they are definitely SCHNOCKERED and cause trouble (duh)! Bar owners know this but continue to allow their bartenders to over-serve in the name of making a profit for the night for as long as they can stay open. It's more responsible to close bars earlier like 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. to at least reduce the mayhem caused by the binge drinkers and reduce the need for police presence...but it will never happen all because of the almighty dollar.


See below an online statement by an African-American who is trying to make a positive impact on his community. Any leaders here in Sandusky that want to make a difference?

James Clark, vice president of community outreach at Better Family Life, a nonprofit development agency
“What you have in Ferguson is typical in every major urban center in America — African American people, limited resources, all exacerbated by the country's economic downfall.
"When the country catches a (fiscal) cold, the urban core has pneumonia. People are unable to meet daily needs or find meaningful employment. That has created an environment of stress, pressure. Every major urban neighborhood is the same time bomb.
"America cannot allow this subculture to grow and fester. We cannot arrest our way out of it. We cannot legislate our way out of it.
"The subculture I’m referencing is the segment of the (black) community that does not conform to mainstream culture. Employment is not mandatory. Having a strong work ethic is optional. No real connectedness to the social, political or economic engines that the rest of the country subscribes to.
"In this subculture, graduating from high school is optional. Aspiring to go to college makes you an outcast. Crime and gun violence are accepted and expected.
"Brute force will not work. This subculture has flipped it: arrest me, I'll do a little time in jail and when I come home I'll be more popular. Getting shot is a badge of honor. It's a twisted subculture — what is right to do seems wrong, what is wrong to do, seems right.
"Just as we go after the Taliban, and we supply foreign aid, we need to apply domestic aid — mentoring programs for the children, drug treatment and anger-management programs, therapists for post-traumatic stress disorder.
"The solution is not passing out jobs. A large percentage of the people couldn't pass a drug test or don't have the right attitude to be productive. We need job-readiness training. Our urban cores should be considered resource deserts.
"We would do ourselves a disservice if the take-away were race relations. We've been dealing with race relations since the '60s. Don’t re-hash race relations. We haven't talked about this subculture."


The first step would be get rid of the self-segregating title of African American. We are all Americans here plain and simple. Second, If more black leaders (not Sharpton or Jackson) would take the helm it may save some from a life of crime or poverty. But unfortunately these race baiters fuel the hate and in my opinion make it worse. I presently work in the south where its 85% black, and I will tell you the adults here wont hesitate to tell a young person to pull up his pants or turn the music in their car down. We all need to put politics aside and realize its everyone's problem, and should have a mature discussion on what can be done to fix it. Unfortunately you cant have any discussion that amounts to anything because you will be accused of being a bigot. Until that kind of thinking is stopped things will never change.


Freespeach you are full of it. Just like whites if you come with respect you get it. White people got this notion they know everything therefore they don't listen they just judge. Most blacks you do just like whites don't mind talking about race and matter of fact will embrace talking about race but when you come with this right wing Limbaugh fox news garbage no we don't want to hear it because more time than not you are a bigot. And when all we hear is Sharpton and jackson that garbage is old. I have a Co worker who is Jewish and we have had this conversation and we both came in with a open mindset. All you have to do is read the register page and it tells a whole lot how many whites judge.


You made my point thank you.,

JMOP's picture

So now I'm a bigot because I watch Fox News? What if I read/watch all the news channels (which I do) that makes me accepting of all races?


Alcohol is not the problem. The problem is adults who cannot act like adults and be responsible. We have to rid ourselves of this notion that more rules will fix it all.

Just start banning people, place their name on a large sign outside of the bar, hire a bouncer to check ID's and cross check to see if they are allowed in or not. Easy fix.


Alcohol makes adults not act like adults. Have you had alcohol before?