Eat well and prosper

Aug 28, 2014


It's a good the Sandusky school district qualified for a federal program that provides no-cost breakfasts and lunches to every student in the district.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture program allows a district with a majority of low-income students to participate so that all of its students are served at no charge.

We'll leave it to others to debate whether providing a good nutritional foundation for children is a job for the federal government.

We simply accept the fact that every student deserves a good nutritional foundation regardless whether their families have the ability to pay.

Feeding children good meals is a worthy and an important objective.

In this instance, we're glad that's been accomplished.



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the unsilent ma...

Lets teach the kids early on that its ok to be a leech on society and that working to earn your way is an outdated practice


Criticize the parents if you must, although passing judgment without personally knowing each family's circumstances it is a bit condescending, but a child should NEVER have to worry where his/her next meal is coming from. We live in a very cold society if feeding our children marks them as losers who will always expect handouts. They grow up fast enough, let them be kids. Let them eat. If my hard earned tax dollars are used to feed a hungry child, I am all for it.

Florence Nightingale

Well said, PS!


You ma'am have a small mind if you think that is what they are learning. Are there any other things they might learn from this?


It may be good for the students, and those that cannot afford to purchase the meals normally, however what does it say about this area? How sad is it that the government has to come in and pay for the kids to eat, due to the city's level of poverty?

Some may see this as a good thing on the surface, but dig a little deeper and it should actually scare you.


Yes it is.


Just another government program comparable to buying your groceries using a credit card and just paying the minimum payment each month. The credit card is now $17 Trillion and growing. Enjoy your meals kids, the credit card bill is coming in about 18 years. Sorry we are leaving it to you.


Still paying for Bush's war and those giant tax cuts for the wealthy.


Or the war Obama Has carried on since he was elected?

AJ Oliver

The right just loves it when billionaires get corporate welfare (trillions worth), but think it's just awful when kids get to eat. "Inhuman" does not even begin to describe it.


That is in the genes of the republicans. They can't help it. McConnell is already in cahoots with the Koch brothers about how he is going to gut Medicare, social security and the ACA. All things that benefit the middle class.


"The right just loves it when billionaires get corporate welfare (trillions worth)" AJ, you care to elaborate on the specific sources of this corporate welfare and amounts?? I am just trying to understand the comment. From what I have read, the 1% has done quite well under Obama but then again, he really "cares"


OOhhhh. Dept. of Agriculture = Agri-business and our tax dollars. That's okay though with established wealthy farm businesses. Yet we help our own children & that's bad? We as a nation have given ga-zillions to other countries too. Way past time..we can & should helpur own.