PIB police go from bad to worse

Aug 26, 2014


The Put-in-Bay police department already has a public relations problem, which are self-created, in our view, and stem from poor leadership of the department.

Complaints about everything from false arrests to harassing local business owners to ignoring serious criminal complaints have dogged the PIB police for months, without any adequate response from Chief Ric Lampella or village law director George Wilber.

Lampella and Wilber both appear to be ignoring the business owners who filed the complaints, and ignoring the residents who claim they were falsely arrested and are ignoring nearly every questions raised by the Register's reporters and editors.  

Both Lampella and Wilber should have tried more diligently to provide credible responses to the serious concerns raised and documented about the police department.

Instead, it appears Wilber instructed the police department to change how they file and report crime on the island. Those instructions were either misinformed or they were misunderstood by the police officers, because reports filed recently by the department do not appear to follow the requirements of state law.

There's a reason police departments are required to fully document their activities: To protect the public from false arrests and false evidence. Wilber and Lampela need to take immediate steps to assure PIB police officers are properly documenting their work, and properly protecting residents and visitors from an overzealous and ill-trained police force. 




This is old news, where is the bad to worse......nothing new added here! How can it be bad to worse with nothing new. Pot stirring!


The "Bad to Worse" Is that these clowns are still in power..for now. It's was bad when discovered, and worse that is has not be rectified.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Please. This is a Register editorial Viewpoint. The "new" here is the recent instructions from the law director to the police department that resulted in specific information being improperly omitted from police reports. These crime reports, in some cases, don't detail the names of persons arrested or the circumstances that led to those arrests. These are basic requirements of the state and federal laws designed to protect people from false arrests and manufacture of evidence. It's dangerous territory to ignore those requirements. 

Good 2 B Me

Matt, who can do anything about this issue? Dewine? Like he actually would do anything about corruption! But seriously, this all sounds criminal. Is it, and if so, what really can be done about it?

Thanks for staying on top of this!

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Sad thing is, many of these police officer end up moving on to jobs with other departments and bring their bad habits they learned from PIB police force with them.


Thank you for keeping this in the limelight. In the past the police department just swept this all under the rug and blew smoke up the a$$es of those who questioned their lack of training and shady backroom deals. it appears the wake up call has been heard, or at least by the majority the the village council. The recent action taken by council to rid the police department of one of the rotten apples (officer Steve Korossy)who caused most of the illegal police activities was a good start. Let's hope that the two remaining council members who appear to condone this outlandish behavior by the Put-in-Bay Police FARCE Mr. Kelly Ferris and Jake Market take a refresher course in constitutional law and basic civil rights in the near future. One can only hope the outside is looking in, and an appropriate investigation is conducted.


They should re-title the article : Sandusky Register vs. Put-In-Bay PD


Not so Julian.
When there's nothing to report = there's nothing to report lol
(this is true for all news reporting sources & all sources of news too!)

***This also works in reverse ie: When there's something to report=there's something to report***

lol KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Sandusky Register!

P.S. Awesome disclosure of the 2 PIB council members names who apparently love their police department's status quo! Maybe they would have some good alternative ideas for island business owners when business dries up due to all tourists either being in jail /raped /falsely arrested / drugged and/or kidnapped?

Finn Finn

I second the Awesome Disclosure part of your comment Presto. I was wondering who the two were. I wonder what the angle is there?


FedUpIslander provides them above ie Let's hope that the two remaining council members who appear to condone this outlandish behavior by the Put-in-Bay Police FARCE Mr. Kelly Ferris and Jake Market take a refresher course in constitutional law and basic civil rights in the near future.


Skinny boy from...

It will be unfortunate if that is what it devolves into. They need more investigating less editorializing.


It's a laugh and a half watching this circus show. How in the world could even TWO members of council believe the actions of the police were legal? Probably a pretty good bet the kid who serves on council was caught doing something (or a family member) and owes this police chief something. Pretty dam ridiculous.

Skinny boy from...

Mr. Wilber is the counsel for the municipal corporation that is The Village of Put In Bay. His communications with the village are protected by privilege. The persons responsible for replying to the complaints are the Police Chief and Mayor not the Law Director. Which brings up a question, why was the Mayor who's responsibility it is to respond to the public's concerns given a free pass by the editorial board and not even mentioned?

Unfortunately this does just seem like more distractive pot stirring, which is unfortunate given that on it's face this story appears to have strong basis. This devolving into The Register vs. PiB PD et al will serve no good to the apparent victims in this story or the truth of what really happened.


@Presto - regarding your "not so" comment to Julian, don't believe for a second that the Register isn't above "creating the news". It's not like they just "report the facts" and everybody in their circulation area knows that. They are very good at "journalistic licensing" and reporting something not 100% factual to get the discussion going on the streets to generate interest in one purchasing their newspaper.


Why would they attack the Mayor? She is so far out there in la la land she would not even be aware it was taking place.