Be part of recovery movement​

Aug 25, 2014


The effort in Erie County to establish a drug addiction treatment center with the full range of recovery services, in our opinion, is an important initiative with many dedicated supporters.

We are impressed with the united front government officials who are supporting the effort have shown, and the willingness to listen and hear the views of others as they work to develop a comprehensive response to a growing problem.

The recovery activists, too, have shown patience and resolve in their efforts to educate government officials and the public about the choices we must make as a society.

We support their efforts and we support the Recovery March and rally scheduled for Sept. 13. We encourage readers to attend and become involved in the recovery movement. 

The march begins at 9 a.m. from the Sandusky Artisans treatment center on Market Street and will proceed to Shoreline Park in Sandusky, where guest speakers will be part of a rally and treatment and recovery professionals will be available.

The officials and the recovery activists have created a new clarity about the necessity to create better and more comprehensive treatment programs.

They are serving our community in a powerful way.


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Anyone suffering from addiction, or who has a loved-one suffering, family or friends of anyone suffering from addiction and public officials who support the recovery movement are encouraged to pre-register using this form, or by calling the Sandusky Artisans at 419-621-9377.

You can also register the day of the march beginning at 8 a.m. at Sandusky Artisans, 138 E. Market St., Sandusky.




Start with the children and instill values in them that today's generations seem to have never gotten. People who are whole spiritually don't need artificial mood enhancers. they get high on life, love and their higher power.


Drug addiction has been around for centuries. Many people who use are mentally ill and self-medicate.
You need to be educated about substance abuse.


Why is there a front page article in the paper copy about your register reporter and her bartending skills? On which side of the fence do you lean, Sandusky Register? One day you promote recovery and the next you promote drinking? walking in the middle of the road will get you run over eventually!


Walks are nice but what do they accomplish? Awareness? Substance abuse is not new, I'm pretty sure people are aware. What next a hashtag# campaign? Useless feel good acts.
I would like to point out that a full range recovery center for addictions would be impossible in Erie County. Why? Because we have no money, we are already operating on an expected income that has not been met. A facility like that would have to be staffed with trained professionals, doctors, medical and psychiatric, Registered Nurses, LSW's along with support staff. How do you plan to pay them? Let's be realistic it's impossible in this economy.
Do not start with the build more jails or treatment center thing, we haven't built a new jail in years, and criminal activity is criminal activity whether committed by an addict or not and needs to be punished following sentences imposed by law.
Detox in a safe environment than have those in the recovering community reach out to the addicts. That's how sobriety is achieved and maintained on both sides.

knowitall can have my name since it seems to fit you better. Lol.


This is just common sense, seems to be lacking in most people.


Do you think I lack common sense? Keep the fact that we often do not agree out of your answer. Thanks for your consideration.


KIA, I have no clue what you do or do not possess. Nor do I care. Your incessant need to engage me is creepy.


Definition of sobriety... that elusive undefinable commodity that can be attained only through endless meetings, attendance, and the parroting of aa text and dogma.


babe886, seems you get it.


The actual addition of those professional jobs that a detox center of this kind would create would be a positive for this community. And for those of you (SUGAR) that don't think there is enough money to operate a facility in this community, you are being far too short-sighted. There are several ways to acquire funding that is NOT, I repeat, NOT new or diverted tax dollars. There are foundations, families that have had family members go through addiction treatment that will support a detox center (like major donors to American Cancer Society, etc.). Please don't dismiss the idea before you know or research all the facts.


You have no idea the cost of operations of a facility of that type. Detox is incredibly risky, some drugs need an ICU for detox. A free standing detox center would be costly and risky, the liability astronomical. Work with an established entity such as a local hospital. It's a lofty idea for government officials to think they can open and operate a medical facility. Bad idea.
Aside from the fact that treatment centers are not the answer, we saw that in the '90's.