DeWine did dog probe of friend

Aug 19, 2014


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's explanations for his extraordinary interference in a sexual harassment investigation inside the AG's office last year involving his personal friend are shallow, self-serving and hardly believable. 

DeWine should have stayed 100 miles away from the investigation and followed the standard procedures outlined in the AG's workplace harassment policy. 

He and his top lieutenants didn't do that, however, and they compromised the investigation from the start. Instead of handing the complaint to the independent investigator assigned to review workplace issues, they rifled through the complainant's office email and repeatedly called the alleged victim. 

DeWine's demand the independent investigator give him the name of a confidential source also was extraordinary and suspect. His suggestion he was "leaving no stone unturned" in the quest, in his words, to find "the predator," by interviewing the confidential source just isn't believable.

The attorney general compounded the amateurish behavior by later asking a local prosecutor to consider felony criminal charges against the independent investigator who documented his interference. 

So much for doing the right thing at the Ohio AG's office.

We agree with Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern: DeWine knows exactly which of his friends was harassing the intern, and his interference was directly related to protecting his friend. 

There's a "predator" on the loose in DeWine's office, and he doesn't care. 



On the contrary, it's obvious DeWine DOES care that there's an accused predator on the loose in his office! He cares enough to cover up, distract, and pretend -- vehemently -- that all of his caring is pointed in the other direction.

An unbiased investigation can only be done when those affiliated with the accused (AND the alleged victim) separate themselves from the investigation. It seems DeWine cares about everything except how all of this looks. Oh, yes, and except for the truth...

The Answer Person

Vote him OUT!


I read several newspapers from around Ohio and there is nothing on this in any of them. Not in the Dispatch, Enquirer, Blade, PD, etc.

Is the Register on a personal crusade to oust Mike DeWine???


I don't think they are. Matt tends to lean democrat. Isn't DeWine a Dem?


I love that headline. And with the look on DeWine's face, he's getting dog probed by someone else.