Norwalk Schools 3-2 vote stinky

Matt Westerhold
Aug 16, 2014


Sometimes the dog leaves its business on the front lawn and some times people step in it.

Sometimes they try to scrape it off without being seen.

But readers of the Sandusky Register are a very discerning bunch and the very residents who keep informed, and vote.

That makes it especially difficult for public officials when public officials are the ones who step in the ...

Something went wrong for the Norwalk school board on its way to hiring a superintendent. What board members had is a failure to communicate.

We don't know why the 3-2 board majority hijacked the process and appear to have hired a candidate who didn't even apply.

We don't know why the board majority then rehired him after the dissenting two board members — and district residents — began questioning the legality of the first vote.

But from here it looks clear board members Kevin Cashen, John Lendrum and Rob Ludwig blindsided fellow board members Steve Linder and Ralph Ritzenthaler, and put the stink on the entire process.

Rather than a new beginning the board majority gave the district a bad start for former superintendent Dennis Doughty's successor, whomever and however it all turns out.

We suggest the board majority agree to restart the process, improve communication on the board and strive toward a proper vote seeking a 5-0 consensus.    



Good luck with that one. lol


Who cares what you suggest SR!


Want to know? The SR has been the first local newspaper to publish anything from Norwalk... Therefore Mr. Westerhold commented.

There was a 3 to 4 day delay for ANY article regarding the NCS Board of Education decision.

Maybe Joe Centers should read the Register.....


It's the game of politics. These are creepy polititians in their infant stage. Fence them all into a big pig pen somewhere in Nevada and start the danged country over. And get rid of the new educational ways with 80 days devoted to state and fed testing instead of learning, and start with Lamar Alexander and end with Norwalk and Monroevilles bunch.