City agrees to agree

Jul 27, 2014


It was a turning point Tuesday by a unanimous vote of Sandusky city commissioners.

It was a turning point for residents, too, and for the city's greatest corporate citizen, Cedar Point and Cedar Fair.

Cedar Fair clearly showed the company's commitment to the city developing and supporting a 1 percent admissions tax increase. What company or corporation have you ever heard of supporting a tax increase on itself? That kind of commitment to the city has been longstanding, both in a financial sense in a huge way, and in an understanding that a better Sandusky is better for Cedar Point.  

The tax measures commissioners approved for the November ballot also includes a 0.25 percent increase in the city's income tax. 

The agreement and understanding the city reached with Cedar Point also is designed to restructure the world's greatest amusement park chain to solidify Sandusky as its world headquarters. The financial and symbolic impact of that is significant.

The combined annual revenue — $3 million with Cedar Fair funding the lion's share — will stabilize the city's finances and provide money to fix roads, improve infrastructure and services and plan for the city's future. 

The residents who fought for change, commissioners and executives at Cedar Fair all worked with faith in each other and came away with a plan with which they all agreed. It was pretty remarkable process, and vote, giving the city a working plan for its future.

For voters, the tax is the smallest normal percentage increment for a tax rate change — 25 cents for every $100 of income. That very modest increase is similar to the finance plan the Sandusky Schools has on the fall ballot.

It's important, we believe, that voters consider the city's plan and the Sandusky School district's similarly modest request together as one package for the city's future. If approved by voters, the small increase in property taxes will bring more than $20 million in matching state funding to build the new K-6 school next to Sandusky High School.

A financially sound city government able to provide basic services and planned development and a strong well-suited public school district are two of the most important assets any community can have.

The city's future will be in voters' hands this fall.


Comrade Boose

Rebuild Sandusky the group that got this idea rolling. Follow us on Facebook

In the end Sandusky will still have a lower income tax then most surrounding cities

Lorain 2.5%
Tiffin 1.75%
Norwalk 1.5%
Port Clinton 1.5%
Fremont 1.5%
Sandusky 1.25% * ( plus CF matching with $500,000.00 income tax and a 1% increase in admissions tax)* if this passes in November

In November vote YES to raise the income tax .25%

Julie R.

I still would be curious to know how many of the Sandusky city commissioners ~ not to mention the former ones ~ were aware that Joe Yost was stealing from the tenants at Hopper's trailer park and not paying the water bill for over 5 years ...... yet now they all agree that the city income tax should be raised?

The Big Dog's back

You still here?


VOTE NO in November!
1. The city workers are getting raises over the next 3 yrs, yet the city is broke? Did you get a raise?
2. The city brings in 1/3 of it's money from Cedar Fair, the comparison cities above have no Sugar Daddy. The city has money.
3. Many people who work in the city and don't live here will pay the increase. I beseech these people to find a way to protest this increase. It is essentially TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.
4. Rebuild is a group of people who will directly benefit from the increase, (public sector union members) or are retired and won't pay the increase.
5. Most of us are surviving on wages that have the buying power of 1989. The city needs to learn to live on what it has.

Comrade Boose

VOTE YES in November!
1. I work in the private sector in Cleveland and I got a raise of 50%
2. Correct, the comparison cities do not have Cedar Fair, what they do have which you omitted was HIGHER TAXES.
3. The people that work here, but don't live here still use our services which they pay for through taxes.
4. Rebuild is made up by a variety of citizens from Sandusky stop in a meeting a see who they are
5. State income taxes have been reduced by 21% since 2004
Meaning the average family income ($39,000.00 annual income) in Sandusky pays $318.02 less then they did in 2004

A Municipal income tax increase of .25% would cost the average family in Sandusky $97.50

With a 1.25% income tax, the average Sandusky family will pay $220.52 less annually in 2015 than in 2004

Cedar Fair would also be pretty close to matching that families contribution dollar for dollar

The city has learned to live on what they have, they cut the work force by 1/3


Right on, Sugar. VOTE NO. But I think those on welfare who don't pay any income taxes will gladly vote YES for us to pay more! Like the lady who lives next door to me: free housing, free food, utility assistance, and within days when I was having my DirectTV removed, she was having hers installed. Funny. She has money to sit on her as* all day and pay her DirectTV bill, but half the time, she doesn't even pay her garbage bill, as her garbage is starting to pile up.

I vote NO to pay the raises of overpaid city workers. Us in the private sector has seen our real wages drop since 2000.

Julie R.

Hardly seems fair (not to mention, hardly seems legal) that the people that work in Sandusky but don't live there can't even vote on this, but then most people are pretty well used to getting scr*wed over by now.

Mr. 25 Cents

Anybody who works here who wants to vote on tax issues can move here. There is no city, state, or country that allows non-residents to vote on local tax issues.


Do you know what this country was formed on? Do you know why we had the American Revolution?
*** facepalm****

Mr. 25 Cents

Canadians not wanting to pay American taxes? As I said, no city, state, or nation allows nonresidents to vote on local tax issues. Perkins doesn't allow tourists to vote on the bed tax rate, and, when Perkins implements an income tax, Sandusky residents won't be allowed to vote on that rate either.

Erie County Resident

If I was Cedar Point I'd be happy as heck with a 1% admission tax raise instead of the 5% raise that should be.
Either way it would not cost Cedar Point a dime so what is their problem?


Vote yes


Well see Comrade, YOU got a raise, although 50% ??? BS. This is not Cleveland the rest of us, no raise. Yep all those servers and hospitality workers can sure afford an increase in city taxes.
As far as paying less to the state, we can thank our Governor John Kasich! But that does not mean we should increase city taxes to take OUR hard warned money away from us. You have never touched on the Fed increases and the ones yet to come under obamacare.
Sounds to me like you need to go live in Avon, Lakewood, Westlake areas where there are more better paying jobs. That way you can have the city your wages can support.

Mr. 25 Cents

If you don't want to part with any of your hard-earned money, who is supposed to pay for the roads you drive on?


Vote Yes this November!


Poor Comrade he has a losing argument so he resorts to mockery.
I have no doubt he and his Rebuild team will get much more threatening as we get closer to November.


From what I have seen He was just speaking the the truth!


They have enough money, they need no more. Are you honestly that dense? Did I say NO taxes? They collect enough, they are not good stewards of the money they do collect.


I think the city does need more money though I do agree they're not good stewards with the money they already receive. I'm certainly against raising the income tax though.

The Big Dog's back

Why are you worried sugar, you don't work nor pay taxes. Mooch.

Julie R.

There's another letter in today's reader forum from a Huron woman applauding Roger Binette's sentencing of Joe Yost ...... and I still can't figure out if people in Erie County are really that ignorant or if they're just feigning ignorance, thinking others will be ignorant enough to believe it.

The sentence the Huron woman is applauding: Yost was charged with two felonies but was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor that only carries a maximum sentence of 180 days in jail and he didn't even get that. Second, I'm pretty sure that a county judge can not "order" somebody 68 years old to get a job; even the Social Security administration would probably laugh at that. I'm also sure even the joke 6th District Court of Appeals would be forced to say Binette could not do that, so scratch that one off the list. Third, all Yost would have to do to get out of community service is get a doctor's excuse claiming he has a medical problem, so scratch that off the list, too. Fourth, all the money he stole and he only had to pay back $2,717?

Once again, I can't figure out if people in Erie County are really that ignorant or if they're just feigning ignorance.