Ohio Bike Week made awesome

Jun 15, 2014


A recent item in the daily Sandusky Diary in the Register prompted us to take a look back and a look forward in the wake of a very successful Ohio Bike Week that just concluded. 

"Last year over 5,000 came to town for the event and 2,000 of them brought their own bikes," states the diary item from June 11, 2004. "But organizers were expecting twice as many this year."
There were considerably more than 5,000 who came here — with their wallets — during the 10-day Ohio Bike Week that finished up June 7. The crowds this year were perhaps as many 20 times or more than that crowd prediction from 10 years ago. 
Bike Week has gone from a successful "Rolling Thunder" event with a decent turnout to a mega-successful event attracting huge crowds for days. It's had an amazing climb as a top annual attraction, and sets the pace each year for attracting huge crowds to downtown Sandusky. 
And a good time was had by all.
Our hats off to Bike Week promoter Steve Ernst and his team at Advantage Entertainment. They've had to overcome some tough situations and huge hurdles over the years to make it happen. 
This year, their efforts produced the best Ohio Bike Week ever. 



And the gorilla suit


Hmmmmm........really? Awesome isn't the exact word that describes Bike Week in fact it isn't even a close second.........IMO I was thinking more along the lines of joke! After all there was a gorilla act there and a picture says a thousand words...

Ben Crazy

Sad part is the RETARD, who invited all the kids from cedar point to a MOTOCYCLE event where bikers are drinking and partying . Smooth move!!!


The gorilla suit had nothing to do with the promoters. It was an idiot looking for his 15 seconds of fame, and he got it. He's still getting it because of people who keep referencing him over and over and OVER again. And it's a motorcycle event, not motocycle. I'll also assume you've read the article of the 2 teenaged girls that went to the event without permission. Well it isn't the venues responsibility to baby sit others unruly children. These people put on one heck of a week of entertainment. Again they shouldn't and are not responsible for all the idiots in the crowd.


My point exactly! Entertainment at its highest level regardless of its quality or appeal however, I don't think that anyone was blaming them for what happened but isn't it a little odd that the outrage came only after the picture was made public and on the subject of the 2 teenaged girls, they were on a personal mission.....that had absolutely nothing to do with what was going on around them and obviously something that they were accustomed to doing. They were smiling like they had just both hit the lottery when they were escorted out of CVS in handcuffs...Who does that. They didn't need a babysitter they needed a corrections officer.