Sheriff Howard stomps rights

May 6, 2014


The dust up between Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard and Norwalk police Chief David Light over a botched raid at a Norwalk home in March is a serious dispute. It's brought problems with how Howard operates the sheriff's office to the public's attention, and that's a good thing.

Light was neither anxious or happy to criticize the sheriff; he felt it was necessary. Given the serious mistakes sheriff's deputies appear to have made when they raided the wrong home and handcuffed the wrong man, it seems Light had no option but to air his concerns.

And given Sheriff Howard's refusal to acknowledge the obvious missteps that happened, we agree that these problems are a serious community concern.

Light said sheriff's deputies under Howard have shown a “lack of respect and professional courtesy for our department and our citizens” and deputies have “lack of training, experience and (are) being outright overzealous.” It seems obvious to us that Light is right in that assessment.

Howard and his chief deputy, Capt. Ted Patrick, both have provided the Register misinformation about what occurred on March 25 at 114-1/2 Benedict Ave. Howard declared it a well-executed operation almost immediately, without taking the time it would require to even make such an assessment.

The sheriff did then order an "independent" investigation, but again, he reiterated that the independent investigator's assessment would clear deputies of any procedural errors or wrongdoing before it was even completed, and sure enough, it did.  Howard got the assessment he ordered.

But the sheriff's contention the raid was properly executed is flat-out wrong. His refusal to look at the situation in an unbiased fashion and take corrective steps to assure the rights of residents are not stomped by overzealous and improperly trained deputies shows a lack of judgment.

We appreciate the difficult position it puts Light and the Norwalk Police Department in, and we appreciate Light's willingness to call Howard out on it. Someone had to.



When something like this is brought to light, it ALWAYS begs the question, 'what is being hidden from the public?' and why is the public being kept in the dark?

Stop It

Chubs has a few more bad days on the horizon coming up.

Don't need a crystal ball to see it, either.

Can't step on 4th amendment rights and walk away, no matter who you get to try and back it up.


To trust Dane Howard once is a mistake, and I admit I did a long time ago. To trust Dane Howard again would make me a FOOL. You have to question the Holmes County Deputy that trusted the words and interview of HCSO, why did he not interview the 2 New London Officers, and the Monroeville officer who attended the RAID also? Why did he not talk to John Collins, or the person on rental agreement of 114 1/2 Benedict, to find out what happened that day? Did John's attorney tell him not to talk to Holmes Co. Deputy, or file any loss or complaint at this time? So many questions, so little answers, except for the ones spoon fed to Holmes Co. Deputy Henry. I do not fear Law Enforcement officers, as I have many in my family, in local departments in a tri county area of Northern Ohio. I do fear Dane Howard and his new kids on the BUS!


I know it seems like this story is getting old, but I think it is necessary. The Norwalk Reflector refuses to do any investigative reporting. They simply print whatever the HCSO tells them. I believe the Attorney General should be involved, but until that happens, I hope the SR continues to do their own investigating. The citizens of Huron County deserve to know about the corruption inside the HCSO. Hopefully Dane's corruption and lies will lead to removal from office and maybe prison time. If he's smart he will step down soon.


This guy has not been noticed by many for a long time. He is getting what is due him now. Dane remember: "You can't buy a good name." Mike knows what I'm talking about.


The Register has been busting on Howard's Ballz for the past couple of weeks! Same news, just printed differently.. I know when election comes up, I would be voting on him nor the commissioners who are siding with him.. Seems the commissioners aren't really saying much, but they need to be dealt with as well because they're not doing a thing about this but letting our out of conditioned sheriff run his mouth


The HCSO has been cleared? How is that possible. In order for them to be cleared, a proper investigation must be conducted. Is the HCSO lying or is NPD lying? It is apparent someone is. I hope the people of Huron County realize a proper investigation has not been conducted until every single person involved in this fiasco is interviewed and asked to give a sworn statement. A subpoena must be issued to obtain the phone and text message records between the HCSO and NPD personnel. Only then, will the truth come out. Let's get to the truth of the matter and accept nothing less!!! This problem will not go away until this occurs.