Metroparks vote good investment

Apr 21, 2014

Voters will decide May 6 whether to renew and extend funding for Erie MetroParks when they vote on Issue 4.

The countywide parks system represents an investment in the community and voters should consider that investment carefully when they cast their ballots next month.

The Erie Metroparks commissioners — Randly Glovinsky, Don Meiers and Kurt Landefeld — have been good stewards of taxpayer money and expanded the park system's services. If approved by voters, the measure's annual cost for a homeowner with a $100,000 home will be $36, a slight increase from the current millage. 

The levy is a main funding source for the district, which, in our opinion, is an investment that improves the quality of life in our region.

From canoe launches to lacrosse tournaments, to birdwatching services, the Metroparks system is an economic driver in the county and a major contributor to the quality of life for residents. It operates 11 locations, from the Castalia Quarry Metropark to Edison Woods, providing opportunities for residents and tourists to enjoy outdoor activities and nature programming.

A good parks system is a key building block for any community. We urge voters to consider those quality of life issues and the return on investment Erie Metroparks provides when they vote on Issue 4.



TWO parks have abutted Hull Road for at least 7 years. There have been signs in front of the dog park on Hull Road for at least 6 years. Wake up and take off the tinfoil hat.

Julie R.

I see signs in Huron that say Support Metroparks ~ btw, I sure don't ~ but once again, I never saw any signs on Hull Road about a dog park and Metroparks up until a couple of weeks ago. If the signs have been there for 6 years, I don't know how I ever missed them. Neither have I ever encountered any deer on that road up until a couple of weeks ago when three of them came running out of the "dog park" and ran right in front of me.

As an afterthought ---- all that good land on Hull Road is being used by Metroparks as a dog park? What a total waste of good property!


Funny how the way I discovered the existence of the dog park six years ago was by the sign as I drove by.

No deer came out of the dog park, as it's fenced and, to a deer, reeks of predator pheremones. The dog park has less than 300 feet of frontage on Hull Road and has the highest utilization per square foot of any place in the Metroparks.

Finally, there is open ground for at least 30 feet from the road where the Metroparks front on Hull Road, more than enough warning to see deer. Frankly, you're betraying a level of situational awareness behind the wheel that suggests maybe it's time to hang up the car keys.